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New Parts

For our project, we developed a range of basic and composite parts that could be used for the detection of biomarkers associated with Parkinson's disease. New basic parts were used with other basic parts found on the registry to build a host of new composite parts. The new basic and composite can be found below:

Name Type Description Design Build Test
BBa_K3206000 Composite Glycine biosensor
BBa_K3206001 Basic gcvBp promoter
BBa_K3206002 Basic ChaC CDS - -
BBa_K3206003 Basic PepD CDS -
BBa_K3206004 Basic GcvA CDS -
BBa_K3206005 Basic GcvR CDS -
BBa_K3206006 Composite ChaC constitutive expression - -
BBa_K3206007 Composite PepD constitutive expression -
BBa_K3206008 Composite GcvA constitutive expression
BBa_K3206009 Composite GcvR constitutive expression
BBa_K3206010 Composite 1-eicosanol biosensor
BBa_K3206011 Basic adhEp2 promoter
BBa_K3206012 Basic His-tagged eGFP
BBa_K3206013 Basic pET RBS
BBa_K3206014 Composite His-tagged eGFP under Bba_J23100 Promoter
BBa_K3206015 Composite PepD gene under BBa_I1051 promoter - -

Used Parts

A variety of basic parts found on the iGEM Registry of Standard Biological Parts were used in conjunction with new parts submitted into the registry to create new composite parts in the form of transcriptional units. The used parts can be found below:

Name Type Description Design Build Test
Bba_J23100 Basic Constitutive promoter -
BBa_B0034 Basic Constitutive ribosome binding site -
Bba_E1010 Basic Highly engineered red fluorescent protein from Discosoma striata coral -
Bba_B0015 Basic Terminator -
Bba_J04450 Composite mCherry Fluorescent Protein -
Bba_K515105 Composite sfGFP with J231000 Promoter -
Bba_K1033907 Composite fwYellow Chromoprotein -
Bba_K592011 Composite cjBlue Chromoprotein -
Bba_I1051 Basic Lux cassette right promoter - - -

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