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Although our team members carried out all the work and deliverables of this project, it is important we acknowledge those who have been a part of this journey. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this project. As a team, we have had an unforgettable experience and a summer that has provided us with the knowledge and skills across our shared disciplines. Our PIs have provided us with expertise advice and important feedback. We would like to thank all our advisors, without them the project would not have been possible without their support. Our heartfelt thanks go to everyone who has helped our project, be it suggesting team names to providing us with bacterial strains and other material.

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The Instructors

The PI's

The Advisors


Dr Ciarán Kelly - attending our team presentations and giving us invaluable feedback. Despite moving to another university, his visits to the Devonshire building would always involve asking us on how the project was going and providing us with ideas on improving the project

Ani Paloyan - helping us with guidance on working with proteins and providing materials for protein purification

Dr Will Stanley - helping us in the laboratory and giving us expert protein knowledge. He sourced out E. coli Rosetta plyss 2 cells for us and provided us with important advice on our CRISPR SHERLOCK system

Dr Cecilia Piergentili - helping with the part characterisation testing for our bronze award by assisting Karen in using the BCA kit and providing guidance on how to characterise the part

Andrea Giachino - helping us with protein work and providing guidance in the laboratory. He also assisted us in the part characterisation testing for our bronze award and provided guidance on formatting figures using R

Professor Marcus Kaiser - consulting neuroinformatic specialist and aiding the construction of diffusion tractography brain videos for use in wiki documentation and the Boston deliverables.

Ms Vivienne Rogeson - contact for Parkinson's UK, enabling us to attend events and meet both volunteer organisers and people affected by Parkinson's disease, and supporting both Alice and Emily in the annual Geoff Cobbing memorial cycle.

Dr Dow Smith - reviewing our initial project from the perspective of a General Practitioner and advising the team on healthcare diagnostic tools standards such as a low false positive rate.

Professor Richard Walker - aiding project design and integrated human practices and insight into current NHS Parkinson's Disease diagnostics.

Dr Daniel Erksine - feedback for project design and biosensors with input of future work and biosensors at the time unknown to the team.


Integrated DNA Technologies - for providing us with free DNA to carry out our experiments

Synthego (Malek Haddad) - for providing us with guide RNAs to carry out our CRISPR SHERLOCK experiment. Special thanks to Malek for arranging this for us and providing us with free sgRNAs

Wellcome Trust - for providing funding

Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) - for providing funding

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