IISc Bangalore

A practical co-culture is said to exist when two different species/strains of microbes grow together, and are able to sustain their populations harmoniously.

They are very hard to find in nature, as one of the microbes always possess a survival advantage over the other, resulting in a mono-culture eventually. Only symbiosis or auxotrophy can result in stable co-cultures.(Description)

Co-cultures are even harder to maintain in lab conditions. Moreover all of the current systems to maintain them are impractical and infeasible, as they rely on methods that either stress the cells or are time and energy intensive. (Description)

We aim at creating a system to do all the effort of maintaining the co-culture without burdening the bacteria, which is fast and easy to implement. And we plan on doing this by something as simple as light!!! (Design)

Optomatic aims at finishing every single function on its own. What’s more, it can even change the population ratio dynamically, providing a wide range of functionality.(OptoMatic)