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The worldwide plastic pollution of our environment poses a growing threat to humankind. We, as a team of young aspiring scientists, want to combat this issue. By modifying the freshwater algae Chlamydomonas reinhardtii we are trying to develop a new, evironment-friendly way of recycling the most common plastic, polyethylene therephtalate (PET). Brace yourself, plastic pollution! We are coming for you!
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Our Team consists of young, aspiring scientists from the fields of Biology and Biophysics. We joined forces with different researchers and other teams to bring our vision forward.

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Using state-of-the-art methods of molecular biology we want to enable a freshwater alga to degrate the widely used plastic polyethylene therephtalate (PET).



Featuring the MoClo-Assembly-Standard we developed multiple combinations of Plasmids containing not only the protein genes but also a multitude of selection markers and various prometers



How do we make sure all experiments pose no risk for our researchers and the environment? Read all about our safety rules and plans for containment of our genetically engineered organism.

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Human Practise

We sat together with scientists and companies and tried to implement their knowledge in our experimental set-up. Moreover we started to raise awareness for global plastic pollution and answers synthetic biology might have in store.