Team:Hong Kong LFC PC/Team


Our Team Leaders

James, Ip Ho Ching

Hi! I am a F.4 student from Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College in Hong Kong. It is my pleasure to participate in the iGEM competition 2019. I am very excited to have this wonderful opportunity to travel to Boston in October and meet with other teams as well as learning more about biology from professionals of different countries. I am responsible for our teams' lab work and the wiki. My team designs, modifies and confirms the functionality of the modified cells through experiments. Throughout the lab sessions, our laboratory skills have been enhanced, and our knowledge about the topic has also increased immensely. iGEM has undoubtedly provided another fascinating learning experience to the average school life, I am looking forward to the Jamboree in October!

Silas, Cheng Sze Lut

Hello from Hong Kong! I'm a F4 student from Pui Ching Middle School in Hong Kong and I'm the one of the student leaders from the PC_LFC iGem team. Speaking as an enthusiast of science, it's absolutely wonderful for me to have the chance of participating in the Giant Jamboree of iGem. Throughout the process of preparation, I enjoyed the satisfaction gained from completing interactive experiments. To be honest, it gives more colours to my exam-oriented school life in Hong Kong. Hope that I can know more about the fabulous ideas from the other teams , and hope that we can exchange our solutions and ideas in the Giant Jamboree.

Our Teachers

Mr. Fung Chi Tuen and Mr. Yeung Wai Lok

Mr. Fung is a Chemistry teacher in Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College and Mr. Yeung is a Chemistry teacher in Pui Ching Middle School. They have been supporting our project since the beginning. They have devoted hours and hours of their precious time to guide our team to think deeper.They have been relentlessly assisting our team’s lab work. On top of that, he is responsible of all the administrative works of this Jamboree, making sure that everything can go smoothly during our trip to the U.S.. We would like to show our gratitude towards them for making our trip possible.

Mr. Pang Kam Man and Mr. Mok Pui Fung

Mr Pang and Mr Mok are our Instructors, They are Mathematics Teachers in Laws Foundation College. They have facilitated our project since the very beginning. Throughout the whole project, they keeps motivating us patiently when we are discouraged by the experimental results or the heavy workload. They supervised us with every affair in this programme, from determining our topic to contacting the advisors from The University of Hong Kong, from fund-raising to planning our trip to Boston. Expecially, Mr Pang demonstrated his strength in Mathematical Modelling and provided different lecture talks on university level of statistical analysis. Both have played a strong role in organizing laboratory duties. Mr Mok explained explicitly on the Modelling. It is very kind of them to do their best in order to make our project perfect despite her busy teaching schedule. We would like to express our greatest appreciation to her.

Ms. Cheung Miu Ling and Mr Chau Kam Tong

Ms. Cheung and Mr Chau are our secondary PI, as well as a Biology teacher in Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College and Pui Ching Middle School. They play an irreplaceable role in our iGEM project. They have spent countless hours into the lab work, to assure that our team can successfully deliver the results required. They are very meticulous and incredibly efficient during the preparations of the lab work. Furthermore, they are always focused during the experiments to ensure that all experimental results are up to par. Students can always learn from her as they are willing to share knowledge along with skills that are beneficial to our experiments. They are our mentors and we greatly appreciate their help throughout the experiments.

Our Advisors

Mr. To Ching Yuet

2019 HKU iGEM team advisor

Mr. To is a Biotechnology teacher in Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College, he was awarded a gold medal from 2017 iGEM in the Chinese University of Hong Kong team. He provided technical advice on genome construction and guided us through the protein analysis.


Professor Stephen Tsui

Professor Tsui is a part of the Department in Biochemistry in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, he is the head in the Division of Genomics and Bioinformatics and also a director of Centre of Microbial Genomics and Proteomics. He aided the process of our project by providing advice on which types of cell to use in the project.

Professor Godfrey Chan

Professor Chan is a part of the Department of Paediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, LKS Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong. He is the head in the Division of Genomics and Bioinformatics and also a Chief of Service of Department of Paediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, Hong Kong Children's Hospital. He aided the process of the project by explaining the efficiency of enzymatic activities in detail.

Technical Advisors

Mr. Alan Kwok , Mr Andy Ngai

They both provide technical support and offer strong guidance in preparing the wiki page.