Team:Hong Kong LFC PC/Attributions



Attribution by team members:

Mr. Pang Kam Man, Mr. Fung Chi Tuen, Mr. To Ching Yuet, Cheung Chi Chun Garvin, Kan Ho Wing, Cheng Pak Chun, Lam Ching Yin, Katy Chin, Silas Cheng, Leo Chung, Emilie Lau, Duncan Chiu, Agnes Yeung, Eugene Li, Issac Cheung, Anson Lam were responsible for characterizing mRFP and GFP.

Mr. Pang Kam Man, Mr. Mok Pui Fung offered training on understanding mathematical theories behind the modelling and initiated the formulation of the modelling using Michaelis-Menten kinetics.

Human Practice:
Human practice events were organized by Siu Wai Yiu, Ching Long Tin, Chow Kwo Lik, Lam Jacky, Emilie Lau, Cheng Chi Ching, Issac Cheung, Anson Lam.

Chiu Sheung Yee, Ho Yan Lam, Ching Long Tin, Issac Cheung, Anson Lam, James Lee were responsible for the design and development of wiki.


Laboratory assistant (degree holder):
Lewis Tong provided the lab training to us and give comment on our work.
We have been sending monthly reports to Prof. Stephen Tsui (Chinese University of Hong Kong) and they have been providing valuable advice to us. Prof. Tsui had also advised us on project applications and lab techniques, such as using Gibson Assembly.

Advice from experts:

Pui Ching Middle School and Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation Collage advised us on the project application and provide financial support.

Lab Support:

Prof. Godfrey Chan sponsored us to visit his laboratory to learn more on how we can use big data hunting.

Human Practice Support:

Mr. Yeung Wai Lok (Wesley) has helped us with feedback on human practices, and with arranging conferences with other teams and meetings with primary school students, as well as the visitation of the elderly centers.


We have collaborated with GreatBay_SZ , where they have offered us their Nissle 1917 E. coli for our experimentation, while we assisted the Hong_Kong_JSS team with their DH5-alpha competent cell cell culture. A conference has also been held for all of the Hong Kong iGEM teams for discussion, sharing of experiences and resources, web-lab and dry-lab forums to improve our research studies, as well as presenting their findings, which wouldn't have been possible without the help from Hong_Kong-CUHK.

Thanks for:

Miss Cheung Miu Ling, who gave ideas and encouraged us to participate in iGEM.

Thank you for helping our iGEM team!