iGEM Team Freiburg 2019


This is the temporary page of iGEM Team Freiburg 2019, used solely to convey information about the project.

Why do we need your help?

We work on our project with helpful but limited finanical support from the university. Thus, to reach our highly set goals we need the help of experts and reliable partners from different business and industries. We work to achieve very ambitious accomplishments and with your help we can advance biotechnology and synthetic biology even further and aim to win this year’s International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition.

Level Donation What we can offer you
Platinum > 3.000€
  • Exclusive emphasis
  • Logo on poster & presentations
  • Logo on our clothing
  • Listed on our homepage as platinum sponsor
  • Content on social media
Gold 1.000€
  • Logo on poster & presentations
  • Listed on our homepage as gold sponsor
  • Content on social media
Silver 500€
  • Logo on poster or presentations
  • Listed on our homepage as silver sponsor
  • Content on social media
Bronze < 500€
  • Logo on homepage
  • Content on social media

Advantages for you

International representation

iGEM is the biggest competition in the field of synthetic biology and biotechnology. By joining the competition each team becomes part of a huge global community. Thus by sponsoring us your company will be represented on the national and international stage. You will attract attention from experts as well as from rising talents and the public worldwide. Further you can publicly communicate your tremendous effort to support a new generation of scientists to make the world a better place.

New clients

Throughout the competition we plan unique events to bring synthetic biology and biotechnology closer to the community and public. This is your opportunity to create a reputation of your great company outside of your usual field. Gladly we can involve you further by giving you interviews about project, collaborations and achievements and list those efforts of you publicly and online too.

Exclusive access to new talents in Science and Engineering

Each team member was selected in an application process and is highly motivated and skilled.This is your chance to gain access to ambitious and hardworking young professionals as potential future employees. Further you get the opportunity to form closer bonds to the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg, one of the best universities in Germany. Furthermore you gain additional opportunities if our projects develop into scientific publications or start-ups after the competition, which isn’t uncommon.