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The largest exporter of fish-meal and oil in the world, TASA, is concerned about cadmium in their product. Currently, they employ a multi-day test for cadmium and other pollutants, which directs dilution of their product before shipping worldwide. Our project’s goal is to detect cadmium using E.Coli transformed with a sensor gene that turns red in the presence of cadmium. These transformed cells will be implemented into a bio-assay designed to be used by anchovy fishermen on their boats to determine cadmium levels in the fish. This test will allow early detection, saving both time and money in the production line because they will be able to infer cadmium levels in the fish-meal before it is bagged. Thus, TASA will be able to make the dilution process before bagging, a much faster and cheaper process than the current method of tearing open bags and making dilutions post packaging.

Quick facts about us

Only Team in Peru
Only High School Team in Latin America
Only High School Team in the Southern Hemisphere


At FDR-HB Peru, we have worked extensively for years developing synthetic biology projects, and this year was no exception. We were aiming to obtain the Bronze Medal, and not only did we end up obtaining it, we also obtained an award for Best Integrated Human Practices and Best Education & Public Engagement.

Bronze Medal

Best Integrated Human Practices

Best Education & Public Engagement

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