Team:Evry Paris-Saclay/Vox-Pop


Our project is centered around lipids and lipids are generally quite frowned upon by society because they’re automatically associated with weight gain, or cardiovascular diseases. Knowing that our project focuses on fatty acids, we went to meet the public in order to "de-demonize" them, and to assess if their perception of fatty acids is rather positive or negative. For this, we decided to organize 2 vox pop’s sessions to collect the opinion of various people.

We went to the Garden of Plants in Paris on Thursday, July 11th 2019 and talked all day to visitors. We realized that the majority of people had knowledge about fatty acids and that they were more and more concerned about their diet. Indeed, currently, many people are trying to eat healthier and have a balanced diet. Fatty acids are not so badly seen by society, as it’s increasingly known that they provide benefits to our body at moderate doses, unlike sugar, which is now recognized by the public as being unhealthy, because it’s addictive and mostly consumed in refined form.

In particular, we asked a question directly related to our project in order to gauge people’s reaction to fatty acids produced from a genetically modified organism, like the yeast in our project. The people’s majority said they would probably accept if it’s prescribed for treatment.

We also did a second vox pop session during the Science Festival (“La Fête de la Science”) on Saturday, October 12th 2019 with a diversified public.

If yes, what do you think about fatty acids ?
To be taken in moderation. (x3)
- Gives fats an energy. (x2)
- Good, help body.
- She eats less meat and more fruits to avoid fatty acids.
- Not good for body, don’t consume too much. (x4)
- A small dose is fine but too much isn’t good for body
- No negative apriori
- Good and sometimes could be less good
- There are satured and unsatured fatty acids
- Deficiency → disease. Components in the body.

If we made these rare fatty acids treatments, would you have taken them knowing they were GMOs?
- She would not say no to consume it but only if she needs it for a therapeutic treatment.
- Not well because it’s modified. She’s afraid because she isn’t sufficiently informed about the subject and she’s against what’s chemically modified.
- She would like to know before using it, where it comes from, if it’s hallal and if there are any side effects.
- Yes because she would need this treatment.
- Fear, foreign bodies, but no problem to consume it.
- Yes
- She’s skeptical, if there have already been tests done, she could.
According to you, between a diet rich in sugar only and a rich in fat, which one is most harmful to our body/healthy?
For the sugar/fatty acid diet, she thinks it should be balanced to not became harmful to health
For him, a sugar diet is less serious than a diet rich in fatty acids.
She prefers to eat fat because it’s more natural than sugar because sugar isn’t natural and it’s addictive.
For her, we should balance between sugar and fatty acids or even less sugar because it’s addictive.
A sugar diet