Team:Evry Paris-Saclay/Basic Part


During this project, our team designed the following basic parts:

Coding sequences

Part Number Part Name
BBa_K2983003 & BBa_K2983103 Ura3
BBa_K2983060 RedStar2
BBa_K2983061 FadX of Punica granatum
BBa_K2983062 FadX of Trichosanthes kirilowii
BBa_K2983063 putative FadX of Jacaranda mimosifolia


Part Number Part Name
BBa_K2983002 & BBa_K2983102 Ura3 promoter
BBa_K2983050 pTef1c: BBa_K2117000 without the BsaI site
BBa_K2983051 pTef1d: wild-type without the BsaI site
BBa_K2983052 pTef1e: wild-type without the BsaI site and shorter
BBa_K2983053 pTef1f: wild-type without the BsaI site, shorter and with CACA before ATG


Part Number Part Name
BBa_K2983004 & BBa_K2983104 Ura3 terminator
BBa_K2983055 Lip2 terminator

Golden Gate adapters

Part Number Part Name
BBa_K2983010 Loop Alpha-A
BBa_K2983011 Loop F-Beta
BBa_K2983012 Loop Beta-A
BBa_K2983013 Loop F-Gamma
BBa_K2983014 Loop Gamma-A
BBa_K2983015 Loop F-Epsilon
BBa_K2983016 Loop Epsilon-A
BBa_K2983017 Loop F-Omega
BBa_K2983018 Loop A-alpha
BBa_K2983019 Loop Omega-B
BBa_K2983020 Loop B-Alpha
BBa_K2983021 Loop Omega-C
BBa_K2983022 Loop C-Alpha
BBa_K2983023 Loop Omega-E
BBa_K2983024 Loop E-Alpha
BBa_K2983025 Loop Omega-F

Yarrowia lipolytica genome insertion sequences

Part Number Part Name
BBa_K2983000 Zeta up
BBa_K2983001 Zeta down

and other cloning sites and scars

Part Number Part Name
BBa_K2983006 SfiI
BBa_K2983110 Loop Alpha-A scar after Golden Gate with BsaI
BBa_K2983111 Loop F-Beta scar after Golden Gate with BsaI