Team:Evry Paris-Saclay/Part Collection


In our project, we developed a launchpad for the bioproduction of medically-relevant Conjugated Linolenic Acids (CLnAs), a class of rare fatty acids with three conjugated double bonds. As a chassis we used the oleaginous yeast Yarrowia lipolytica, an ideal organism for this task, whose metabolism is naturally poised for lipid production.

This Part Collection consists of a series of vectors that adapt the iGEM Type IIS standard to Yarrowia lipolytica genetic design requirements.

This Loop assembly system makes fast and efficient cloning by Golden Gate possible, offers modularity for assembling complex genetic circuits as well their subsequent transfer and integration into the Yarrowia lipolytica genome.

This platform facilitates future cloning in Yarrowia lipolytica and makes this chassis more accessible to the iGEM community.

Vectors for a Type IIS RFC[1000] Loop assembly system for Yarrowia lipolytica

Part Number Part Name
BBa_K2983030 YL-pOdd1
BBa_K2983031 YL-pOdd2
BBa_K2983032 YL-pOdd3
BBa_K2983033 YL-pOdd4
BBa_K2983034 YL-pOdd5
BBa_K2983035 YL-pOdd6
BBa_K2983036 YL-pEven1
BBa_K2983037 YL-pEven2
BBa_K2983038 YL-pEven3
BBa_K2983039 YL-pEven4