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Meet the Team

Greetings, synthetic biology fans! Come and join us in our quest for ultimate recycled paper! This year 2019 ECUST_ China team assembled 15 students from East China University of Science and Technology. Our team members are from different majors, and we united together to explore how to make the world better with synthetic biology. Although we had different hobbies and personalities, we shared an easy rapport which underlay our tacit cooperation. We cherished this wonderful bound and memorable experience. We believe we are "transformers" to the world, and we will make paper paper again with "Paper Transformer”.

We appreciate all our instructors and advisors who escorted us throughout the project. We also appreciate all the iGEM colleagues who have provided valuable advices and useful information for the project. Without their help, our superhero Paper Transformer won’t even exist.


Miao Zongjie

Miao Zongjie is a person of passion and active mind, who draws a buleprint for the project and always comes up with good ideas. As the team leader, he is responsible for overall planning and arrangements to make sure everything goes well. Through meetings and discussions, he units all members together and pushes forward our team work.

Iris Hu

Iris Hu is a senior at East China University of Science and Technology. She thought she would become an painter, since she loved painting so much, but running into biology redirected her dream to an equally novel, but even more fascinating field. Iris shares widespread interest regarding music, reading novels and drawing, frequently in spare hours by this relaxation.

Jin Qianwei

Jin Qianwei is a senior student in ECUST, majoring in bioscience. She takes the responsibility of conducting experiments, making presentations and many other issuses. Additionally, she is also a member of ECUST iGEM club. In her spare time, she is enamored with swimming, yoga and watching films.

Xiang Lan

Xiang Lan is a senior student majoring in bioscience, he is fascinated by the ingenious and marvelous cell machines. He finds it intriguing that the organism can work using a whole set of building blocks. Bioscience is actually not his favorite major, but he is glad to have the chance to get close to biological research. Now he is pursuing his dream as a biophysicist. In his free time, he is also into language learning and singing.

Joy Xu

Joy Xu is a senior bioengineering student at ECUST, and she is passionate about all kinds of challenging tasks she would face, such as synthetic biology experiments, web programming and art design. She enjoys the sense of accomplishment and joy that comes with a successful experience. However, she may go bald soon.

Liu Xu

Liu Xu is a senior student majoring in biotechnology of Applied Biology department. She believes in Hegel’s “what exists is reasonable.” In her free time, she volunteers to promote popular science and participates many voluntory labors. By the way, she likes K-pop and reading poems.

Clement Wang

Clement Wang comes from East China university of science and technology. His major is bioengineering and minor is English. He is honored to be a member of iGEM team. He has great keen on playing basketball and doing experiment. Also, He likes reading books, especially about mythology of Greek. He thinks synthetic biology will change the world and many parts of people's life, and he is willing to participate in our great project.

Jason Tan

Jason Tan is an undergraduate from ECUST, majoring in bioengineering. He is the one who sometimes can’t help but explain his ideas in the second exotic language, and misunderstood by all the others. He mainly dedicated himself in the model and human practices parts, which are according to him the adornment of the program, but actually his limited talent on experiments in another word fixed him on the auxiliary position.

Aqua Duan

Aqua Duan majors in bioscience. She loves biology and small animals very much. She has many hobbies, such as wearing Han Chinese clothing, listening to crosstalk and buying crystal. She likes the sea and whales very much and hopes to work in a laboratory with sea views in the future. She also likes to do experiments, so she can give up a chance to watch whales in the sea in order to complete the experiment.

Xing Yunzhi

Xing Yunzhi is a smart and capable man, while he sometimes makes mistakes but he is a reliable partner in many cases. He dreamed of becoming a bio-scientist who could turn all kinds of strange ideas on his mind into reality. However, now he's just doing something about Escherichia coli.

Lydia Yu

Lydia Yu is a junior majoring in bioengineering. She is fond of the mystery of biology and enjoys immersing herself in the laboratory to explore the unknown. She is an enthusiastic and active girl who also has many interests in life, such as playing badminton, Hip-Hop dancing, learning about geomorphology and so on. This summer, she was very happy to fight for the iGEM competition with her teammates.

Sophia Chen

Sophia Chen is a junior student at ECUST. She majors in bioengineering and has joined the successive postgraduate and doctoral programs of study. She distinguishes herself not only in the grades she earned, but also in her ability to work independently. As one of the most creative team members, she often contributes good ideas. She ranks the third in major. And as a minor student in English, she is fluent both in English and Chinese.

Gu Xiaobing

Gu Xiaobing is a junior student in East China University of Science and Technology, majoring in bioengineering. She is a girl of passion for new knowledge. In her spare time, she devotes herself to dozens of books in order to broaden her horizon. As a member of ECUST iGEMer, she is a part of model group. Though model is a tough work, she has the confidence that she can figure it out and present the best model for the subject.

Erene Wu

Erene Wu is a junior majoring in biotechnology. This is her first time to take part in igem competition. In addition to her biotechnology major, she minors in math on weekends and was a strong member of modeling team. She hopes to continue her studies in biomedical engineering. In her spare time, she likes photography, playing the piano, reading and so on.

Ma Zhenzhen

Zhenzhen Ma is a graduate student from East China university of science and technology. She majors in industrial design and is good at Design Thinking. To promote interdisciplinary cooperation and make better visualization, she communicates with teammates and listens to their concept of this competition. It’s a great honor for her to be a part of this team and to fight together for this great project.


Wang Qiyao

Ph.D. Research areas: researches on pathogenic mechanism of pathogenic bacteria in marine animals.

Li Youyuan

Ph.D. Many papers were published on journals of bioinformatics. Research areas: Fermentation process optimization and microbial metabolic regulation research, proteomics research.

Gao Shuhong

Ph.D. Research areas: Microbial fermentation optimization and metabolic regulation, exogenous expression and directional transformation of enzymes.

Fan Jianhua

Ph.D., Associate Professor. He conducts basic and applied basic research on bioactive substances of eukaryotic microalgae, cyanobacteria and other photosynthetic microorganisms.

Li Pengfei

Lecturer. The research interest includes biosensors, especially electrochemical biosensor, colorimetric biosensor, nano-based biosensor; biological analysis, mainly towards disease marker proteins, DNA and cells with clinical implications.

General support

Quan Shu

Ph.D., Professor. Representative research results are published on Elife, Nature Structural and Molecular Biology. Research area: Establishing methods and means to transform the stability of proteins, analyzing the structure and mechanism of molecular chaperone proteins, which are closely related to protein folding.

Cai Menghao

Ph.D., Associate professor. More than 20 papers are published on the key journals such as Metabolic Engineering, Biotechnology Advances, ACS Synthetic Biology, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, Biotechnology and Bioengineering. Research areas: Synthetic biology and metabolic engineering of pharmaceutical compounds.

Bai Yunpeng

Ph.D. Research areas: Develop and application of novel biocatalytic reactions, protein molecular engineering and bio-chemical nanocomposite catalysis based on high-throughput screening.

Tan Gaoyi

Ph.D. More than ten papers are published on famous international journals such as Biotechnology and Bioengineering, ACS Synthetic Biology and Metabolic Engineering. Research areas: Microbial secondary metabolism and metabolic engineering.

Wu Hui

Doctor of Engineering, Associate Professor, the deputy director of China Light Industry Bio-based Materials Engineering Key Laboratory. He has published many papers on Metabolic Engineering, Biotechnology Advances, ACS Synthetic Biology as the first author or correspondent author.

Zhou Mian

Ph.D., Associate Professor. The research results are published on influential journals such as Nature, Molecular Microbiology, and EMBO Reports. Research areas: Studies of the effects of codon usage on protein expression, folding, and function.

Zuo Peng

Ph.D., Associate Professor. Research areas: Constructions and applications of nano-enhanced signal amplification systems, the construction of enzyme-catalyzed signal amplification methods, and the construction and application of nano-functionalized microfluidic systems.

Xia Jianye

Ph.D. Research areas: experimental and numerical simulation studies of flow field characteristics of bioreactors, and theoretical applied techniques of biological process amplification methods based on cell physiological characteristics and reactor flow field characteristics.

Zhang Lixin

For the first time in the world, he discovered that the apoptotic kinase ASK1 and the signaling protein 14-3-3 are closely linked to regulate the carcinogenesis of cells. Research areas: Construction of natural microbial resource pools of marine microbial strains; screening of active microorganisms and their secondary metabolites using interactive high-throughput techniques.

Zhuang Yingping

Ph.D. In recent years, she has developed a theoretical method based on parameter correlation analysis in multi-scale fermentation processes and successfully applied the method in many industrial fermentation products.



Shanghai, China


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