Team:ECUST China/Awards


We have registered for iGEM, and will attend the Giant Jamboree in November.

We have successfully completed all competition deliverables, including wiki, poster, presentation and judging form.

Attributions: We have taken down detailed attributions faithfully. Click here to check.

Project Inspiration and Description: Our beginning was a really interesting story and then we searched for more. Do you want to know the part behind our project? Click here to check.

Characterization: We have added quantitative experimental characterization data to the existing Part from the Registry of Standard Biological Parts: BBa_K2449003, BBa_K523015, BBa_E0022. Click to check.


Validated Part: We have created three new BioBrick Part, respectively we named them invertor system, Chitobiose regulator and Cellobiose operon, Click here to check:BBa_K3093100, BBa_K3093000, BBa_K3093002

Collaborations:Collaborations were an important part of our work, which advanced our project to improve. We collaborated with NYU Shanghai, CCiC, Fudan-TSI, SFLS and Jiagnan University regarding competition experiences and arrangements, as well as Hubei University and Shenzhen University for project related issues. Click here to check.

Human Practices: We have organized and participated colorful human practices activities and gained lots of ideas, through human practices we moved our project forward. Click here to check.


Integrated Human Practices: We are all very proud of the human practices we carried out for many problems related to project design, application and implementation are solved through human practices. The various human practices ran through all stages of our project, provided more information and inspirations. Click here to check.

Improve a Previous Part (or Project):We have modified a new BioBrick Part that has a functional improvement of an existing BioBrick Part BBa_K1166002, all parts are related to α-hemolysin secretion system of E. coli, we designed three types of linkers other than the original one and obtained expected results. And our experiments can demonstrate the improvement.Click here to check.

Project modeling:We have built several models to estimate the final concentration of our intermediate product, fermentation results and large-scale benefits, etc. All these work have facilitated us for better demonstrate that our system would work expectedly and our projrct would contribute to society both economically and environmentally. Click here to check.

Demonstrate:Due to the urgent schedule, we couldn’t finish with a functioning system,but we have performed experiments, tempting multiple reaction conditions to find optimum conditions of three devices and achieved expected results, together with our modelling details. We are confident that our system will work and live up to our expectations. Click here to check.

Special Prizes

For special prizes, we are proud of our human practices’ work, as well as our delicate hardware mini factory, and we are confident of our future application after consulting stakeholders and public opinions, click the following icons to see detailed information on Integrated Human Practices, Hard ware and Entrepreneurship.



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