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That's Us in front of University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
(BOKU Vienna)!



Team Leader
I am Valentina, I am studying Molecular Biology at the University of Vienna. What I like about science Is the chance to discover something new and find solutions to problems that nobody thought of before. Not only is iGEM the opportunity for me to do exactly that but also an exciting occasion to apply and share knowledge with other students from different parts of the world. My Hobbies are yoga, sports and reading.


Lab Leader
Hey, my name is Kathi and I’m studying Food Science and Biotechnology at BOKU Vienna. Science, in general, surprises all along with its innovative achievements and the resulting new possibilities. It is inspiring and stimulates a different way of thinking. In iGEM, I see a great opportunity to expend my knowlege and grow as a person. My Hobbies are sports (fitness center, running, bouldering) and cooking with and for friends.


Vice teamleader/

Hi I’m Theodor and I’m studying Food Science and Biotechnology at BOKU Wien. What I really like about science is the fact that everything is connected. Whenever I truly understand something, the world makes a little more sense to me. I joined iGEM because I want to do something that is meaningful to me and start a project from scratch together with like- minded people and embrace all the responsibilities that come with it.


Lab Rat
I’m Eugen i study Food and Biotechnology at the boku , I’m grateful to be part of a team with so many skilled and wonderful people . I am greatly excited about the insights and experiences the iGEM competition has to offer and hope to use this as a stepping stone into the realm of synthetic biology.


Lab Rat
My name is Tobias and I am studying Molecular Biology at the University of Vienna. Since I was a child, it was clear to me that my further education would bring me someday in the field of biological researching. Over the time, I became more and more curious about the details of fundamental mechanics, ultimately leading to my current field of study. I joined iGem, because of the possibility to work with other students from different fields of study and to learn some additional skills in management, team building, and a lot of other useful abilities. This interdisciplinary aspect, combined with the practical lab work and the goal to improve something no one did before, makes it a perfect addition to my study. My Hobbies are skiing, martial arts, especially Karate, table tennis, travelling to different landscapes and enjoying nature.


Lab Rat & Social Media
I’m Marta and I am a biotechnology and food technology student. I am happy to be part of the iGEM competition, because it challenges us in different aspects and gives us a great opportunity to learn and grow as an individual but also as a team. I'm sure we'll never forget this experience and what we've achieved on the way.


Lab rat
I am Philip and am a student of the Master’s program Biotechnology and Food Sciences and Technology at BOKU. I have always been interested in natural sciences and how they describe and explain the world. Since I work at the Students Union, I have always enjoyed realizing projects. That’s why I wanted to do this once in a team of students in a scientific context. For this, iGEM is the perfect setting, as the field of synthetic biology is so versatile and exciting.


Lab Rat and Graphic Designer
Hi I’m Zuzana, a Biotech student from Boku Vienna. I like science because it combines so many different areas which makes it challenging and interesting. I joined iGem because it is a great opportunity to work on a project that can not only benefit me in terms of learning and meeting likeminded people but also possibly help changing the world-which is quite nice. Other than iGem I enjoy Inline Skating, taking care of my plants and good food with good friends.


Lab Rat
Hi I’m Melanie and I am studying Microbiology and Genetics at the University of Vienna. I joined iGem because I think this is a good opportunity to realize our own ideas in the field of biology and to gain new skills that could be useful in the future. My Hobbies are Latin Formationdance and Latin Dance.


Lab Rat
My name is Andreas and I am studying Microbiology and Genetics at the University of Vienna. Molecular life sciences enthrall me tremendously, because I want to understand how life works on a molecular level and how information may be passed on and modified. This knowledge makes it possible to rearrange the molecules of life to find solutions for the problems facing the world. Therefore, I am very excited to take part in the iGEM competition and tackle such a problem with own solutions. For me, iGEM is also a great opportunity to deepen knowledge and skills in fields like fundraising, project planning and human practice - together with other motivated student


Lab Rat & Social Media
Hey I'm Vanessa and I'm a Biotechnology and Food Technology student at BOKU Vienna. I joined iGEM because science and research amaze me. It's a never- ending love story about learning from past mistakes, trying to understand the machinery of how things work and your brain exploding with ideas. iGEM is an amazing opportunity to be part of a community in which student researchers all over the world are connected by one goal: to solve a problem on earth. And if our project reaches so far to help or inspire just one person- that's already a pretty great impact to have on this world. Other than editing and analyzing electrophoresis images I also love photography outside the lab, travelling, dancing, good wine with food and a good jazz concert.


Lab Leader/
Lab Rat/
Human Practices
My name is Michaela and I’m studying microbiology and genetics at the University of Vienna. Studying natural sciences provides you with a deep understanding of our world and its problems. It sparks ideas on how to solve them. Thus, my interest in synthetic biology stems from knowing that it can be an important tool to tackle the challenges we face today. I participate in iGEM since it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students to learn about different fields like fundraising, project management, public relations and so on. It also inspires me to act on the ideas I’ve come up with while studying. I love to write songs, poems and stories. Therefore, I like that creativity plays an important role in iGEM and I loved gaining more scientific experience.


Human Practices, Public engagement
I am Martina and I am currently pursuing a Master’s in „Safety in the Food Chain”. My interests are, however, in no way limited to food safety: I have a passion for life sciences and their multidisciplinary take on nature’s principles in an effort to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges. Such challenges often require innovative solutions- I joined iGEM to play an active role in the solution of one of these challenges in a motivated team of like-minded students

Stefan Karl

Human Ressources, Organisation,
Public engagement
I am Stefan Karl. I’m studying biotechnology at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna. I joined iGEM because I like to challenge myself. Plan a project from scratch, with people you know or get to know better during iGEM. Everyone contributes to the project wherever his or her strengths are.


Webpage programming, modelling
I am Isabella, a Bachelor Student of Food and Biotechnology. I like Bioinformatics and programming. That’s why I am participating in iGEM. This contest is a great chance to develop new skills and participate in something cool.

Our Supervisors

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Hans Marx Martin Altvater, Ph.D
Univ.Prof. Diethard Mattanovich Dipl.Ing. Dr. Jürgen Zanghellini
Ass.Prof. Dr. Michael Sauer, Ass.Prof. Brigitte Gasser,