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Here you can find all of the information about 2019 iGEM BOKU-Vienna's project:
Mycolactone Diagnostics - A Novel Approach to Diagnose the Neglected Tropical Disease Buruli ulcer
Visit “Project Inspiration”to find out why we developed a new diagnostic method
and visit Design to read about our constructs and how our early detection of Buruli ulcer,
which is a neglected skin disease in parts of Africa and Australia, works.
Scroll through our “Lab Folder”to check our progress in the lab.
And finally have a look at Human Practicework and our engangement for the Public
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Buruli ulcer is a neglected tropical disease which manifests in ulcers and may lead to lasting skin and bone deformations unless detected and treated early. Current diagnostic methods are time-consuming and barely available at the point-of-care in many endemic regions in Africa and the Americas, as they require sophisticated laboratory equipment and highly trained personnel. As a solution, we propose a novel, easy-to-use diagnostic test detecting Mycolactone, the toxin excreted by the causative agent Mycobacterium ulcerans, in a patient’s sample. The molecular mechanism is based on a riboswitch which, in the presence of Mycolactone, specifically induces chromoprotein expression in an engineered Escherichia coli strain, generating a simple visual read-out. As an alternative to GMOs, the test may also be used as cell-free system. After expert consultations, an instruction manual was designed to ensure proper and safe use, thus rendering the test a quick and efficient tool for diagnosing Buruli ulcer.

Dr. Coli's Adventures - The comic book for you

Together with other iGEM teams we have created a comic book for all ages and educational backgrounds explaining the potential of synthetic biology. The illustrations of 11 incredible science projects will give you an easy to understand overview of the fantastic possibilities of synthetic biology. The abstract following each comic will let you dive deeper into the topics and a glossary will broaden your biology knowledge.
Thanks to the many teams who participated in this!
Check it out or download it by clicking on this picture.
Comic Titelseite
Due to wikifreeze (a deadline where you can't edit your website anymore), we only uploaded a beta-version of this book. The new version will be uploaded as soon as iGEM headquarters lets us edit our website again.

Our Newsletters

Over the summer we have written a few newsletters to inform people about our current progress.
Here you can download them by clicking on the newspaper.
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