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Microbial sensor coupled with microfluidic chip
and smartphone detects oxidative damage

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    We construct a microbial sensor that can be used to identify oxidative damage reagents. A promoter which is sensitive to oxidative free radicals is screened to respond to the signal and regulate the expression of fluorescent proteins by using ratio of fluorescence to judge whether it is an oxidative damage reagent and how harmful it is.


    We designed a PDMS chip with special structure to simulate the process of inducing bacteria with different concentration inducers in the lab environment. And we also built a real-time fluorescence detection system with PMMA chips and a smartphone-based device to acquire data of cultured bacteria.


    In order to fulfill the aim of our project, improve our project through drawing on opinions and suggestions from experts and target users and provide new perspectives and methods for solving practical problems, we have done the following practical jobs. We also focus on the heritage of our team as well―it is of great importance to foster the next generation’s interest in becoming iGEMer and give publicity to synthetic biology.