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Kou xueshuai

My name is Kou Xueshuai,20 years old this year . This is my first year participating in the iGEM. I am so honored to be the team leader of iGEM_BIT. I have learned a lot through nearly a year of hard work. Thanks for the guidance of teachers seniors, the help of seniors and the dedication of team members. I am very lucky to have met all of you. I love all of you so much.

Song kaifeng

Hello everyone, I am Kaifeng Song. I major in electronic information engineering. I am a student leader in the iGEM-BIT team this year. And I am in charge of the chip and hardware. I have gained knowledge from this experience, but more importantly, I know how to manage a team better. I believe that I will go further and further in scientific research.

Liu zhoumi

Hello, everyone. I am Liu Zhoumi, the vice captain of the team. I am in charge of the human practice part of the team. Not only that, but I am also in charge of a lot of biological experiments. Through the competition, I learned a lot about synthetic biology and mastered the most basic experimental skills. At the same time, I also learned to deal with different people and different organizations to understand their ideas and opinions. Taking part in the competition has given me a lot of learning opportunities, so that I can meet more and better people. Hope to get a good result this year!

Zeng qi

Zeng is in her junior year of Biomedical engineering at BIT. She likes biology as much as engineering, but actually she doesn’t have many biology courses at school now, so Igem is the best platform for her to focus on biology. This year she is mainly engaged in biological experiment related work, and when she encountered obstacles in experiments, her cats would make her overcome all difficulties.

Yang zijian

Hello. My name is Yang Zijian, and I am a core member of Team: BIT in charge of chips. These months, I was responsible for the production and inspection of chip. I designed the chip with my partners and experimented to verify their function. In the meanwhile, I participated in publicity of our team, mainly in charge of taking photos. Our chip’s wiki was mainly written by me. At last, I expected us to have a deep conversation.

Li xiuyuan

Hi, I'm Xiuyuan Li, love chemistry and biology. It's really great to be a member of iGEM_BIT, and I have mainly worked for the group of personnel and spent some time on the labs. Although most members are younger than me, they are hardworking and take the iGEM seriously, that's why I'm pround of them. Preparation for the iGEM is truly an impressive experience for me, I will always remember it.

Li xueyang

I am Li Xueyang, a student from school of Electronic Engineering. I joined igem for the first time this year. In our team, I work in team of hardware and chips, I learnt microflow control technology and designed the shell and chips by solidworks. As I join the team, I'm not too comfortable with the university environment, but the team gives me a strong sense of belonging. I am here to thank my team-mates who have given me the courage and strength to adapt to college life. During preparation for the competition, I acquired lots of knowledge about using industrial software, which expand my horizons. It’s my sincerely hope that our team will get a good result.

Liu bingzhi

Liu, Bingzhi, I join the iGEM_BIT as a member last year.I take a part in bio experiments and I gain a lot. I am very honored to be a part of laboratory as a freshmen. Though we have failure and we may quarrel with others. We always come to an agreement in the end. So the result is not so important to me, but the experience of working with the players, which is what I value most in iGEM.

Ye feiyu

I am Ye Feiyu, a new participant of igem. I focus on biologic part, which means my job in our team is doing experiment and trying to figure out any problem we meet. I enjoy spending my time in igem. It helps me developing my abilities of scientific research. I believe only learning and thinking makes a man perfect. I am glad I have the chance to take part in such a wonderful competition. I love my teammates.

Sun yuyao

As an accounting student in second year, I am responsible for the Integrated Human Practices (IHP). My mainly focus is to research on the further value and prospect of our product. I have reached out to Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences in order to ask experts for their suggestions on our project. I firmly believe in our project and its prospect. However this cannot develop to its full potential without the integration of stakeholders and societal values. My motivation is to flourish the iGEM project in a way that the project meets stakeholders, societal values, and results in an applied bio design with impact.

Wu you

Hi! My name is Wu You. As a student who majors in humanities and social sciences, it is the first time for me to join in the iGEM competition and work with science and technology research team. Using my expertise,our human practice group have visited the fire brigade, environmental monitoring centerand other organizations to inquire about their opinions, the willingness of the potential consumers to buy. We also popularize and marketize it after the core members obtained the experimental results. All in all, the difficulties encountered in the process of participating in the 2019 iGEM are more than I thought, but the harvest is also far more than I expected. This is a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Zheng yiming

I'm Zheng Yiming,a junior from School of Management and Economics,BIT. My major is Marketing,so I join IGEM team as a member of the Marketing Research for HP. It's my first time to work with a team of multiple major students,and of course it is chanllging but meaningful. I learned a lot about science and engineering,especially biological knowledge.Also,I tried my best to help our team about HP in my tight schedule.There is no doubt that all the pain worthwhile.

Liu chang

My name is Liu Chang and I work as an artist in the team. I made new friends and gained new experience in the team. I am happy every day.

Zhu ruiqi

Hi,everyone! My name is Zhu Ruiqi from school of management and Economics and my major is Information Management and Information System. I am responsible for the Human Practice part in the team. During the process, we do whatever it takes to figure out the useful practice which can promote and propagate our program. It’s a tough but interesting task. We not only use our professional skills to value the program and forecast market prospect, but also learn a lot about Genetic engineering and Biology which is unfamiliar to me. I’m so delighted to join the group and work on the fantastic program.

Dai yujie

Hi everyone! I am Dai Yujie who major in software engineering. Like everyone else, it's also my first time to join the iGEM competition. The experience of preparing for this competition is really impressive.Hope we have made something extraordinary and get a excellent feedback in the end.

Wu yong

Hello! my name is Wu Yong and I am a student who major in software engineering. It's the first time for me to join in the iGEM competition. My work is to build the wiki for IGEM competition. This competition has added a lot of experience to me, and I hope that our efforts will be rewarded.

Wang xingyu

My name is Wang Xingyu, the leader of the code group. This is my first time to participate in such a big international event. It’s both an opportunity and a huge challenge to me. During the competition, I gained a lot. I wish all of our efforts might be successful.