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1.Register for iGEM, spent 24 week discuss and work, and attend Giant Jamboree.

2.Completed all required deliverable. Successfully finish judging form writing, wiki building, poster making and will have presentation at Giant Jamboree.

3.Built attributions page.

4.We have successfully finish project inspiration and description writing.

5.We have added quantitative experimental characterization data to an existing Part from the Registry of Standard Biological Parts. And data have been successfully accepted.


1.Created a BioBrick part central to our project.

2.Have Collaboration with other iGEM teams.

3.Successfully participate in Human Practices and keep doing to make sure our work is good for the world.


1.Integrated our human practice work and some of it give us guidance or Inspiration for our project that really make our project better

2.We have created a new BioBrick Part that has a functional improvement of an existing BioBrick Part. We have performed experiments with both parts to demonstrate this improvement.

3.We also proved our project works under realistic conditions

4.We did the modeling

Special Prizes

1.Best Hardware

2.Best Integrated Human Practices

3.Best Education and Public Engagement

http : // : BIT/Public_Engagement