Team:UI Indonesia

How I Met Diphtho

iGEM 2019 - Universitas Indonesia

Diphtheria, a lethal disease caused by the toxigenic strain of Corynebacterium diphtheriae, afflicted Indonesia in December 2017 with 1/10 mortality rates upon 593 national cases. Complicated diagnostic methods and ambiguous symptoms were the main obstacles in giving the optimal treatment, according to physicians. Therefore, a fast and convenient novel approach to enhance diagnostic precision is needed to mitigate diphtheria immediately. In regards, our team focuses on developing the diagnostic tool using K-12 chimeric bacteria and green fluorescent protein (GFP) to enable rapid detection of Diphtheria toxin upon binding. This novel technology is claimed to be fast, available, and easy-to-use—which sets stepping stones regarding to the establishment of primary diagnostic tools for Diphtheria toxin worldwide. In addition, we aim to prevent future outbreaks using public education to enhance awareness regarding anti-hoax movements and introduce daily probiotic consumption to encounter low usages of probiotic in Indonesia.