Team:TJUSLS China/Attributions


IGEM Course

Our PI Zefang Wang hosted and opened iGEM related courses for us, including experimental and theoretical parts. We have developed a variety of online and offline courses, and materials can be obtained for free online. This course has been developed for many years. Although it is not perfect, it has been improved every year. By this year, it can basically meet the needs of students. Our course starts in February and ends in June, and then we start our program in the summer vacation. From February we entered the laboratory for training under the guidance of our advisor Can Cui, and from April we brainstormed under the enlightenment of Professor Haitao Yang .

From this iGEM course, not only do we understand what synthetic biology is, but we also become skillful in doing experiments by practicing and assisting other graduate students. It yields unlimited benefit to our project.

Team work

Experimental works

Dongxu Li Ruihan Dong Xueqing Fu Weisi Wang Pengqian Li Ruoming Sun Yiwen Ye Wenhui Gong Yongjie Li Jian Dong
Molecular cloning
Protein expression and purification
Determination of enzyme activity
High Throughput Screening with Fluorescent Probe
Inhibition Kinetics Measurement
Monitoring in living bacterial cells by UV-Vis spectroscopy

Wiki contents

Dongxu Li Ruihan Dong Xueqing Fu Weisi Wang Pengqian Li Ruoming Sun Yiwen Ye Wenhui Gong Yongjie Li Jian Dong

Wiki pages building

Zhaomeng Wang

Separates the entire wiki webpages project into different parts and assigns them to fellow team members in accordance with their speciality, as the team leader of the wiki group. And he design the framework of the webpages. Plus he designed an attractive navigation bar of our webpages..

Qingyuan Shi

As a front end developer, creates several wiki pages and wrote some JavaScript codes to set up the visual identification system for our wiki pages. And he also solved a few adaption problems of our webpages that occurred when the code uploaded into the IGEM server or the user uses different device.

Yating Zhang, Shumin Zong

Cooperate with each other, responsible for the layout design of some pages. They realized and modified some of the HTML, CSS, JS code, and written the text of the page and insert some pictures which relates to the theme of our webpages.

Hengkang Li

As the webpage art design, gave them some suggestions in terms of the color plan of the webpages. And he also found some icon and graph which is important for the UI design.


Xinyu Liu

Learned and used related softwares,
mainly responsible for computer.

Yining Yang

Read articles and adjusted model parameters,
mainly responsible for biological related professional knowledge.

Contacts with the outside

Ruihan Dong

Keeps in touch with official committees and other teams, as well as being in charge of traveling and finance.

Dongxu Li

Guranteed all communications can be finished smoothly.

Jian Dong

Consulted with professors for HP and other supports.


Wenhui Gong

Is responsible for part of background

Yiwen Ye, Jian Dong

Are in charge of part of experiments

Xinyu Liu

Takes charge of part of modeling

Ruihan Dong

Is responsible for part of Human Practices and ending


General Support

School of Life Sciences, Tianjin University

Provided us with experimental funds, laboratory and experimental apparatus during the whole experimentation.

Tianjin International Joint Academy of Biomedicine

Provided us with some drug libraries for screening inhibitors.

School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Tianjin University

Provided us with sybyl.

Project support and advice

Associate Professor Zefang Wang from Tianjin University, Primary PI of Our Team

Gave us advice and instructions. Especially, He cheerer us up when we felt frustrated and encouraged us to overcome our limitations and keep trying for the best.

Professor Haitao Yang from ShanghaiTech University and Fan Gao, Former Graduate Student of Tianjin International Joint Academy of Biomedicine

helped us during our brainstorming.

Can Cui
Graduate Student from Tianjin University, Our Advisor, Laboratory Steward

helped us with the orientation in the lab and purchasing supplies, and she supervised and directed our experiment.

Zhuozhi Chen
Graduate Student from Tianjin University, Our Advisor, Captain of iGEM team TJUSLS_China in 2016

Provided team management advice and her experiences were extremely useful to determine our project, experiment design, arranging experiments and so on.

All members in Laboratory 328, School of Life Sciences, Tianjin University

Provided help and support for our specific experiments.

Modelling support

Associate Professor Yanni Li from Tianjin University

Guided the modeling group to adjust molecular docking parameters.

Associate Professor Cheng Chen from Tianjin University, Our Instructor

Provided homology modeling consulting and guidance.

Shanghai Topscience biochemical technology co. LTD

Provided information about the L1000-approved Drug Library and L4200-approved Drug Library.

Shanghai Selleck Chemicals co. LTD

Provided information about some drug libraries.

Human Practices support

  • Kindergarten attached to Tianjin University

    Invited our PI to give a popularization.

  • “Dream team” summer practice team from School of Life Sciences

    Brought our simple experimental facilities to poor area.

  • Tianjin Yinghua International School

    Gave us opportunity to introduce.

  • Professor Tao Wang from Tianjin University

    Replied our consultative email.

  • Professor Weihui Wu from Nankai University

    Was interviewed and gave some advice.

  • Cen Shi
    Deputy Director of Shanxi Food and Drug Inspection Institute

    Was interviewed and gave some advice.

  • Team Gunma

    Did troubleshooting with us via email.

  • Team VIT_Vellore

    Helped us to consult issues about AMR.

  • Team Wroclaw

    Made comics with our photos.

  • Team Tianjin

    Did a lot of communication.

Additional supports

Art support

Ziyue Guo,Student from Donghua University
Designed our team logo & T-shirt.

Presentation coaching

Associate Professor Zefang Wang from Tianjin University
Provided presentation coaching to the presentation group.

Thanks for all other people involved in helping make a successful iGEM team. They have been not only our helpers but also our inspiration and emotional support. Besides, we are especially grateful for the help from our school,Tianjin University, without which our team could not exist.