How Dangerous It Is?

Lung cancer is the number one killer in Indonesia. That's why a rapid, practical, and reliable diagnostic method is of the utmost importance and modified tumor seromarker test is undoubtly an ideal choice.


What We Offer?

CEAgar, a practical examination of CEA via modified E. coli will be solution to this lung cancer diagnostic problem.


What Is This Project?

In this project we intend to detect lung cancer semi-invasively and practically. the method we are proposing is the detection of lung cancer with tumor seromarker CEA via TGFBR-1 integrated into E. coli. We've replaced the specific region of TGFBR-1 with TAZ. therefore the binding of CEA with replaced receptor will activate the GFP indicate that the sample is likely to be diagnosed with cancer. At the end of this project we hope that we could propose a new method of detecting CEA in aid of narrowing the diagnosis of lung cancer