Our team came up with the concept of Minterlab (Mini Interlab), a smaller-scaled version of Interlab. After weeks of perfecting a Minterlab Guide and collaborating with teams around the world, we were able to complete the guide and use it to conduct Minterlab sessions.


Our team and participating teams held a three-day event where elementary and middle school students were introduced to some bacteria basics, including bacterial transformation. On the first day, we went through the parts of bacteria with the use of crafts. We used shoe boxes as the membrane and added organelles, defining them in a way that kids would be able to easily understand. On the second day, the students swabbed three controlled items-- a phone, a doorknob, and a fingertip. Then, on the third day, we revealed the results of our swabs, and the results were compared amongst Minterlab teams.

Participating Teams

  • SoundBio iGEM (Washington, USA)
  • IISc-Bangalore (Bangalore, India)
  • Calgary iGEM (Canada)
  • AFCM-Egypt (Egypt)
  • Baltimore BioCrew

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PNW Meetup

We collaborated with Washington iGEM to host the PNW Meetup which had teams across Washington as well as Calgary iGEM! This year, we were fortunate to be able to hear from Doctor Ingrid Swanson Pultz from PVP Biologics as well as Doctor Jeff Nivala from the UW Molecular Information Systems Lab. Both are iGEM Alumni, and it was great to see how things come full circle after an iGEM career.
Apart from the speakers, we also held workshops to guide guidance on human practices, art & design, plasmid design, modeling, and more! On the second day we had practice presentations and poster sessions to help teams get started on their final jamboree deliverables.
Team member Sophie Liu helped coordinate logistics, setup, and registration, and David Lu was the designated photographer!


iGEM Marburg Golden Gate Webinar

A few of our wetlab members participated in iGEM Marburg’s Golden Gate webinar this season.