Team:Sao Carlos-Brazil/Medal Criteria

Medal Criteria


  • Registration and Giant Jamboree Attendance ✔
  • Competition Deliverables
    • #1 Wiki ✔
    • #2 Poster ✔
    • #3 Presentation ✔
    • #4 Judging Form
  • Attributions
  • We have provided details about who performed each part of our project are available, such as finances, visual design, marketing, wiki page, human practices, modeling, dry and wet lab as well as contributions from our advisors, instructors and sponsors.

  • Project Inspiration and Description
  • Motivations of a project applied from Mars-to-Earth.

  • Characterization ✔
  • We have successfully added quantitative data to parts Deinococcus radiodurans uracil-DNA glycosylase 1 (BBa_K1499201) and Constitutive promoter family member and RBS (BBa_K081005).


  • Validated Part ✔
  • We have added experimental data that validate parts we designed, DelURA (BBa_K3273000) and Composite Promoter/RBS/Uracil-DNA glycosylase (BBa_K3273018).

  • Collaboration
  • We have documented productive and impactful collaborations along with four iGEM teams, USP_SaoCarlos-Brazil, Botchan_Lab_Tokyo, BrownStanfordPrincetn and Stony_Brook.

  • Human Practices
  • To structure our team's human practice we investigated how our project would affect the community in three main aspects: future space research, industry, and the general population. For future research in space, we looked deeply into Brazil's legislation and worldwide as well so we would facilitate bureaucracy in future studies. For the industry, the partnership with Fermentec allowed us to get in touch with the problems and demands of the sugar and alcohol industry and from that change some aspects of our project. Finally, we conclude that the majority of the population would have no problem consuming products made with our genetically modified yeast.


  • Human Practices
  • All the contacts we have had with the population, industry, and agencies were crucial to defining our focus and changing the direction of our experiments. Fermentec's partnership, in particular, was essential to confirm the potential of the project and help on the building of the circuit and kill switch.

  • Model Your Project
  • We have predicted mathematical models for levels of melanin toxicity and UV protection, rate of protein complex formation for display system assurance, and kill switch regulation.