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Please wait, bees are using energy to fight against the Asian hornet!
Please wait, bees are using energy to fight against the Asian hornet!


Meet-Up iGEM France

Being the first participating team in Poitiers, we wanted to mark the occasion by organising the French iGEM meetup. The idea was to invite all the French teams early in the iGEM season so that they could meet between each other, initiate collaborations, give and get some advice about project gestion.

On all the French teams that we invited, GO Paris Saclay, Grenoble, IONIS, Montpellier, Nantes, Pasteur Paris, Sorbonne, Strasbourg answered the call and enjoyed this sharing moment with us.

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GO Paris Saclay team member making a poster presentation
2 / 9
Grenoble team making a slide presentation
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IONIS team in front of Poitiers’ kakemono
4 / 9
Montpellier team making a slide presentation
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Nantes team in front of Poitiers’ kakemono
6 / 9
Pasteur Paris team making a poster presentation
7 / 9
Poitiers team making a poster presentation
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Sorbonne team making a poster presentation
9 / 9
Strasbourg team making a poster presentation

First we welcomed the teams with a little speech and a breakfast, then the poster presentations began. Some team members made their poster presentations while the other team members were listening to the other team poster presentations. Two teams (Grenoble and Montpellier) even made a slide presentation in front of everyone. It was the occasion to discuss about the issues that teams were facing, discuss about the strength and weaknesses of each project and initiate collaborations.
After a meal, we all went to the Saint Cyr lake to spend a fun afternoon with everyone and make bonds between team members.
Finally, we all went for a drink to end the meet-up in a joyous and relaxed atmosphere. After the meet-up, we asked the participating teams to fill in a feedback form:

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2 / 7
3 / 7
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6 / 7
7 / 7

This collaboration event was a success and was very valuable as all the teams were able to get several feedbacks from different teams and get some advice. As for us, we received some tips on our analysis methods, like Thin Layer Chromatography or Gas Chromatography, as well as on our cloning methods. Plus, this event helped to initiate collaborations and friendly bonds between the French teams.

iGEMxSDG Challenge

Organized by the iGEM teams TAS_Taipei, Tuebingen and Costa Rica, this challenge aims to spread awareness of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations to achieve by 2030. Through they challenge, they hope to spread awareness of the pressing issues in our world and how iGEM teams can help to target these goals. They created an instagram account to groupe the pictures of the different teams around the world.

4 specific SDGs match perfectly with our project :
• Responsible consumption and production using the synthesis biology as an alternative to chemistry
• Climate action for the same reason
• Life on Land because of our subject : fight against the Asian Hornet Vespa velutina nigrithorax, an invasive species and a harmful predator for bees, which is threatening the whole ecosystem
• Partnerships for the goals because you just can’t do everything alone, you need help, tools and ressources to save the world ! 

Posting this picture on our networks, we nominated some teams which answered us about this challenge. The iGEM team of Cairo University made a wonderful video for this challenge !


Montpellier - France

We participated in two survey for the iGEM team of Montpellier. They were about waste production, their treatment and eco-responsibility knowledge of iGEM teams.

Strasbourg - France

We participated in a survey for the iGEM team of Strasbourg team about how iGEM teams deal problems of food allergies in their country. As no one of our team have allergies, we unfortunately couldn't help them a lot.

UNSW - Australia

We participated to an online Excel document of UNSW team, which wanted to increase communication between teams. To do so, they created this Excel to facilitate contact and collaboration between the different iGEM teams. This document gathered all teams contact and networks and was accessible for all teams.
Finally, they got the information of 229 teams from 48 countries!

TIES - CRI Paris

The iGEM TIES project (Team IntEractions Study) is a research study conducted at the Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity (CRI) in Paris. They explore how iGEM team interactions, diversity and transdisciplinarity impact the global performance of iGEM teams and the learning experience of the students. To do so, they collaborate with iGEM Grenoble as part of their Human Practices they made a survey they shared with all the teams.
We answered their survey and can't wait to receive our team's results.

Special encounters

UBC - Canada

This summer, we also had the opportunity to meet the UBC team. We discussed about our projects and protocol ideas. It was a very good experience and we hope we'll meet them at the Giant Jamboree!
Little memory of this afternoon: