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OMG Online Game

 In modern society, most people are irresistible to the video games. From this perspective, we implemented our project into OMG snake game. In addition to entertainment, players can also learn more about our project. Our therapeutic drug, CreSolve is represented by the snake that will consume all the p-Cresol which in this game is represented by small blocks.

 This game conveys the main idea of our project in simple way that even children can understand the basic ideas behind our project, that is to help CKD patients by decreasing the uremic toxin p-Cresol. Thus, it can be said that not only our game is suitable for players of all ages, but also have a profound meaning behind it.

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 One day, a toxin that began to spread through the pure and natural kingdom of OMG - p-Cresol. CreSolve, one of the kingdom's mightiest snake, decided to step up and save his country. Thus, he began consuming this toxin to try and eliminate it. But, CreSolve the snake cannot do this alone. Players must help guide CreSolve to eat p-Cresol in this game, and as he eats more and more p-Cresol, the stronger he will be. Let's start the game, and help CreSolve save the country!

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