Team:NCKU Tainan/Parts





BioBricks have always been the foundational building blocks for iGEM projects. When constructing our BioBricks, we made use of the IDT synthesis offer to generate our required parts in a fast and efficient way. Additionally, we made use of PCR amplification with our constructed expression plasmids as a template to construct several BioBricks. All of the parts contain a coding sequence, some of which extended with promoters or introns. We created a part collection comprised of 14 basic parts and 10 improved composite parts. All parts were generated during our project.

Basic parts

Name Description Type Length
BBa_J23100 Constitutive promoter (PJ23100) Promotor 35bp
BBa_K1123000 FNR promoter (Pfnr) Promoter 120bp
BBa_ I742146 Tyrosine ammonia-lyase native RBS (NRBS) RBS 14bp
BBa_B0017 Double terminator (B0010-B0010) Terminator 160bp
BBa_K2997000 Tyrosine transporter (tyrP) Coding 1297bp
BBa_I742142 Tyrosine ammonia-lyase (sam8) Coding 1536bp
BBa_K2997001 Bacteriocin Full length (CBM-B) Coding 867bp
BBa_K2997002 Bacteriocin short length (sCBM-B) Coding 252bp
BBa_K2997003 Sigma 54-dependent transcriptional regulator (pchR) Coding 1854bp
BBa_K2997004 pchR binding range Coding 567bp
BBa_J18921 6aa [GS]x linker Coding 18bp
BBa_K1610300 Secretion tag (yebF) Coding 354bp
BBa_E0040 Wild type green fluorescence protein (wtgfp) Coding 720bp
BBa_K2762017 Superfolder green fluorescence protein (sfgfp) Coding 720bp

Composite Parts

Name Description Type Length
BBa_K2997005 K880005 - yebF - GS linker - sCBM-B Composite 685bp
BBa_K2997006 K880005 - yebF- TB linker - sCBM-B 120bp
BBa_K2997007 K880005 - yebF - CBM-B 1282bp
BBa_K2997008 Native promoter - pchR - sfgfp 3137bp
BBa_K2997009 J23100 - NRBS - sam8 1606bp
BBa_K2997010 K880005 - sam8 1613bp
BBa_K2997011 B0034 - sam8 1572bp
BBa_K2997012 Pfnr-B0034-GFP 866bp
BBa_I742106 sam8 with ribosome binding site 1550bp
BBa_K880005 Strong promoter J23100 and strong RBS B0034 Promoter+RBS 55bp