Team Attributions

Name Responsible Involved Helping
Annsophie Weber General Organisation, Integration Sites Automation Lab, Collaboration, Integrated Human Practices Sponsoring, Hessentag, Panel Discussion
Cedric Brinkmann Automation Lab Collaboration, Integrated Human Practices Human Practices, Sponsoring
Chun-Ho Ip Toolbox, Wiki Human Practices, Sponsoring, Colony Pictures, Panel Discussion
Erik Bender Wiki AI (Automation Lab)
Hinrik Plaggenborg Metabolic Engineering, Sponsoring & Finances, qPCR, Improve a Part Integrated Human Practices, Panel Discussion, Design Reporter Hessentag, Webinar, Growth Curves
Jana Sippel Toolbox, qPCR
Joana Esslen Toolbox, Wiki Design Human Practices, Panel Discussion
Johanna Wallbaum Toolbox, Wiki Human Practices, Sponsoring, Colony Pictures, Panel Discussion
Jonas Freudigmann Design, Webinar, Mails Strain Engineering, Panel Discussion, Social Media, Human Practices, Collaboration Sponsoring, Hessentag, Integrated Human Practices
Lars Bröker Project Planning, Team Organisation Public Engagement, Growth Curves Panel Discussion, Sponsoring
Marian Krämer Public Engagement Toolbox, Panel Discussion Sponsoring, Finances
Maurice Mager Toolbox Sponsoring, Finances, Social Media, Public Engagement Automation Lab
Michael Burgis Human Practices, Panel Discussion Strain Engineering, Integrated Human Practices, Social Media Sponsoring, Hessentag, Colony Pictures
Robin Stei Toolbox, Wiki Human Practices ,Sponsoring, Colony Pictures, Panel Discussion
Ting Hin Wong Social Media Hessentag (Public Engagement), Metabolic Engineering Sponsoring
Vinca Seiler General Organisation, Strain Engineering, Collaboration (InterLab) Hessentag, Sponsoring, Design, Webinar, Integrated Human Practices Toolbox, Human Practices, Integrated Human Practices
Wihan Adi Collaboration (Colony Picking), Automation Lab
René Inckemann Supervising:
Strain Engineering
Involved in supervising:
Collaboration, Webinar
Helping with supervising:
Toolbox, Automation, Integrated Human Practices

Advisors and Instructor

  • René Inckemann
    We are more than grateful for all the time, effort and life force you put into this project. It was a pleasure having you as our instructor and we never would have achieved what we have now, if it wasn’t for you - thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts!
  • Torben Gutermuth
    Thanks for always speaking out the truth, no matter how harsh it might be, for your motivational speeches, when René couldn’t find nice words and for all the time and work you put into this project!
  • Pascal Pfister
    Thank you for your advice and input during our scientific meetings and for always responding kindly to our not-so-smart and probably sometimes annoying questions!

Principal Investigators

  • Prof. Dr. Lars-Oliver Essen
    Thank you for being such a nice first PI, for your invaluable input throughout this year, for always believing in us and this project and for your persistence when trying to get other people to do their jobs!
  • Prof. Dr. Lars Matthias Voll
    Thank you for being an amazing second PI, for the lab space and equipment you generously gave us, for staying with us no matter what and for all the advice you gave us!

Special Thanks

  • Alexander Hartmann
    Thank you for all you put into this project, even though you couldn’t continue. We were sad to see you go, but more than happy that you were with us!
  • Paula Müller
    We are incredibly thankful for everything you did for us this year, especially for moderating the panel discussion - it was amazing!
  • Lisa Hennemeier
    We are very grateful for the work you did while you were with us and wish you all the best in your Staatsexamen!
  • Tanguy Chotel
    Merci beaucoup pour ton engagement et ta volonté de nous aider avec des travaux ennuyeux!
  • Julia Seufer
    Thank you very much for your support in a time were the metabolic team needed you the most. It is no exaggeration, that having feedback and an open discussion help us the most, even though your time was short.
  • Klara Harres
    Thank you so much for helping us out on the Public Engagement and Human Practice part, it was a pleasure and loads of fun having you with us!
  • Mam Pizza
    It is no understatement to say that you kept us alive in dire times. Thank you!


Human Practices and Public Engagement

  • Dr. Andreas Ebertz
    For your support with the Eurofinstext!
  • Dr. Claus Kremoser
    For your valuable input at the panel discussion
  • Dr. Christoph Then
    For attending and fueling the panel discussion.
  • Daniel Stukenberg
    For representing the humanist party at the panel discussion.
  • Freya Schäfer
    For adding another point of view to our panel discussion.
  • Prof. Dr. Friedemann Voigt
    For your valuable lessons on ethics during the panel discussion.
  • Michael Lange
    For moderating our panel discussion.
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Weber
    For your deep insights during the panel discussion.
  • Tanja Desch
    For your support with the Hessentag, it meant a great deal to us.

Integrated Human Practices

  • Prof. Dr. Annegret Wilde
    For hosting us 2 days in your lab, talking about cyanobacteria and our project and thanks for your incredibly helpful advice. Additionally we would like to thank you for renting us some material for this time.
  • Cyano Community
    For the input from each of you, for your affirmation to keep treading our path!
  • Dr. Dan Enke
    For sharing your thoughts about the cyanobacteria and more.
  • Dr. Daniel Lanver
    For our nice chat about the processes inside Bayer.
  • Davide De Lucrezia, Sota Hirano, Alessandro Filisetti
    For sharing your ideas and visions regarding our colony picking project and sponsoring the wonderful prizes for our competition.
  • Keoni Gandall
    For your helpful insights on automating the cloning workflow including colony picking in the OT-2.
  • Maximilian Dietsch
    For providing us with our Media recipe.
  • Moritz Koch
    For providing us with our Media recipe.
  • Nans Bodet
    For your great advice and first inputs on the automated plasmid purification with Promegas Wizard® MagneSil® Plasmid Purification System.
  • Dr. Nicolas Schmelling
    For your thoughts about standardisation in cyanobacterial research.
  • Prof. Dr. James Golden
    For your incredibly helpful advice on our concerns about the cyanobacterial community.


  • Bastian Pook
    For your help with Oligo orders!
  • Dr. Javier Serrania
    For your logistic support.
  • Dr. Georg Fritz
    For all your help with the toolbox; making the transition from one iGEM year to another as smooth as possible.
  • Prof. Dr. Regine Kahmann
    For your immeasurable support to letting us work in your Lab and for everything else.
  • Prof. Dr. Tobias Erb
    For your incredible support and the trust you have given us this year. It was a pleasure working in your lab!
  • Dr. Judita Mascarenhas and AG Sourjik
    Thank you for introducing us to and lending Garfield very spontaneously to us on a monday morning!
  • Yannik Braun
    For your didactic advice, your guidance in meetings made efficient working possible.


  • Dr. Alex Lepak
    For introducing us to iGEM.
  • Dr. Frank Hüttemann
    Thank you for your kind support.
  • Dr. Thomas Spieß
    For giving us advices in founding a club and helping with sponsoring.
  • Gesa Coordes
    For taking your time and being so interested in our project.
  • Josef Hoff
    For your advices and help organizing our stuff.
  • Marian Zachow
    For supporting our ideas and beliefs in founding a club.
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Graumann
    For your unconditional loyalty to iGEM Marburg.
  • Dr. Stefan Blümling
    For your support with public relations.


  • Benjamin Daniel
    For your advice on sponsoring and modular cloning.
  • Bettina Happel
    For always having an open ear for our problems and providing the best solutions for them. Also thank you for your help to organise the panel discussion.
  • Christiane Rohrbach
    For your never ending patience with us!
  • Darcia Schweitzer
    For the opportunity for the Instagram takeover and also for the feasibility to have a blog post about our project on Promega. Thank you for proofreading and publishing.
  • Laura Werell
    For helping us to order our plasmids at Addgene.
  • Oskar Edelmann
    For your support and for promoting iGEM around Marburg.
  • Oliver Steinmetz
    For your support, for lending us your awesome incubator and for promoting iGEM. We would also like to thank you for the nice time at the two fairs we met.
  • Prof. Dr. Florian Kraus
    For your kind support with gases and material!
  • Dr. Rainer Viergutz
    For helping us with the advertisement of our panel discussion.
  • Raphael Bilger
    For helping us with the transcriptomic data.
  • Stefan Oberhansl
    For your support and for promoting iGEM around Marburg.


  • Frank Bauerbach
    For taking care of our bank account and for all the administration work.And of course for every nice chat we shared.
  • Dr. Jan-Wolfhard Kellmann
    For sharing your knowledge about the university and their sometimes confusing policies.
  • Prof. Dr. Norbert Hampp
    For believing in us and helping as with our fundings.
  • Stefan Rösel
    For providing us with advice in legal issues.


  • Dr. Christian Keller
    For supporting us in sponsoring.
  • Dr. Margarethe Schwarz
    For irreplaceable and cordial support making the dream to automate the plasmid purification even remotely possible.
  • Jannes Hauptstein
    For giving us nice discounts.
  • Kristin Ellis, Madeline Kelly
    For making contacts with a lot of important people, for sponsoring the Magnetic Module and answering our many questions regarding our beloved OT-2.
  • Kurt Weller
    For your support in sponsoring.
  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Goesmann, Dr. Jochen Blom
    For your enthusiasm and financial support. You made the travel to the Giant Jamboree for the team affordable!
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Wilke
    For your enthusiasm! Your financial support made travelling to the Giant Jamboree for the team affordable!
  • Ralf Pätzold
    For the generous permanent loan of QInstruments’ BioShake D30-T elm as a robot friendly shaking solution.
  • Prof. Dr. Rolf Müller
    For supporting us with financial resources.
  • Tobias Dietrich
    For the great offer on the Giant Microbes. You made a lot of people really happy with these plushies!


  • Prof. Dr. Anke Becker
    For your unconditional support and help with the Opentron!
  • Bianca Pommerenke
    For always being there for us when we needed to order something or had questions about the structures in our lab!
  • Dr. Lennart Schada von Borzyskowski
    For being so understanding when we had to occupy your incubator!
  • Dr. Nina Odermatt
    For introducing us to the FACS and calmly sitting with us besides it.
  • Dr. Timo Engelsdorf
    For helping us with your advices and autoclaving our stuff.
  • Dr. You Chen
    For sharing your information about qPCR.
  • Francesca Severi
    For answering all our questions about the FACS and always being available for us to bother you!
  • Martina Carrillo Camacho
    For giving us the pRK2013 plasmid, it really made our conjugations easier!
  • Melanie Klose
    For always being available for our questions and requests about orders and other organizational things!
  • Raymond Jansen
    For taking your time with us concerning the platereader.
  • Tarryn Miller
    For being so patient with us!
  • Working group of Prof. Dr. Tobias Erb
    For your advice and the fun time in the lab. Dear Erblings, it was a pleasure working together! See you all soon!
  • Working group of Prof. Dr. Regine Kahmann
    For every nice talk and the support you gave us.
    And for the Mate tea.