KUL iGEM wiki 2019

KUL iGEM wiki 2019

Working Crew

Lucas the enlightened of house Coppens

Lion of Justice, Hammer of Bacteria, Lord of Phages, Knight of both Labs

Amber the thunderbolt of house Lesage

Sorceress of Bacteria Culture, Deadline Seer, Lady of Shadows

Bert Karine Karel the prudent of house Callens

Pilgrim of Faraway Conventions, Herald of Wisdom

Erik the webweaver of house Tedre

Code Mage, Spider of the Web

Lore the graceful of house De Valck

Hostess of Companies, Warrior of Innovation, Commander of Business

Sebastiaan the well-endowed of house Moonen

Master of Coin, the Tank

Yuansheng the well-beloved of house Lu

Soul Painter, Court Jester, Impresario

Federica the valiantly-defiant of house Mare

Court Harbinger, Master of Whispers, Baronness of HP

Anke the lawgiver of house Vandekeere

Chancellor of Order, Scholar of Organization

Francheska the magnanimous of house Cadacio

Protector of the Wet Lab, Armourer of PCR

Konrad Joseph the ironwilled of house Migacz

Court Astrologist, Crusader for the Holy Mammoth, Duke of the Dry Lab

Nikoleta the laconic of house Boron

Countess of the Wiki, Green Whisperer

Senne the chansonnier of house Van den Broeck

Court Designer, Scribe of Puns, Raider of the Lost Dinosaurs, Sergeant of the Wet Lab

Zarina the illustrious of house Nauryzgaliyeva

Giver of Life, Queen of the Wet Lab

KUL iGEM wiki 2019