Team:GreatBay SZ/Attributions





As a professional researcher, Boxiang Wang taught us rudimentary synthetic biology knowledge and provided us thorough laboratory skill training, which gave us various insights on our critical thinking beyond biology. As an iGEM instructor, he endeavored to give us valuable suggestions, arrange experiments, help solve problems and encourage us to challenge ourselves in the lab. In the process of constructing our wiki, he spent enormous time with us and guided us to progress. His significant help was essential to our project.


In the journey of iGEM, we have encountered success and failure; we laugh and cry. GreatBay_SZ is such a determined and strong team that it can overcome any unprecedented obstacles. Because of the substantial efforts that every team member pay in our project, SPIDERMAN, we are able to bring our impossibility to reality. Here, we give particular shoutouts to:

  1. Frank Liu and Jessica Liu for constructing the series of NT-nW-CT protein expression plasmids,
  2. Henry Hu and Mia Wang for constructing the series of NT-nRep-CT protein expression plasmids,
  3. Cindy Li for constructing the set of Rep-Chromoprotein expression plasmids,
  4. Yoyo Chang for large scale protein purification and spider silk fiber spinning,
  5. The whole team for violacein and indigo production,
  6. Lorraine Lian, Alex Liu and Lucus Mo for laboratory preparation,
  7. Miranda Zhong and Cindy Li for contacting external resources of human practices,
  8. Maggie Wang and Mavis Yu for documents and correspondence of human practices,
  9. Chelsea Zhong for editing videos,
  10. James Yang for constructing the spinning machine and programming for wiki,
  11. Shawn Qu and Tianyi Wang for mathematical modeling,
  12. *Boxiang Wang for tirelessly training, guiding and encouraging us,
  13. And every team member for actively engaging all of themselves in the project!

We also want to express our gratitude to people who helped us:

  1. Anna Rising for giving us valuable suggestions on spider silk protein expression,
  2. Bolt Thread for giving us information on spider silk market,
  3. Colorist Ms. Lei for teaching us traditional indigo dye,
  4. Di Pole for doing the electrospinning,
  5. John Henry for helping the improvements of hardware,
  6. Professor Meng and Dr. Zhu for advising us on the spider silk spinning,
  7. Shenzhen University for taking the micrograph of our spider silk,
  8. SnapGene for providing us with free license.