Frontpage | 2019 iGEM Team:Fudan-TSI

Update after #iGEM2019: our presentation is available on YouTube or YouKu. The subtitle for the presentation could be download from here.

Update 2019-11-4: we won the Gold medal, and were nominated for Best Model and Best Measurement.


Construct your own mutation library

Mutation is the ever-powerful tool bringing diversity to the world and leading the way of evolution. Mutation library generation is critical for biological and medical research. Our system, R-Evolution, could easily establish the mutation library of a selected sequence, and allows for downstream high-throughput research applications such as directed evolution.

Take simple steps in vivo

Through the process of transcription, reverse transcription and recombination, the target sequence will be mutated in vivo.

Continuous evolution, consecutive selection

Iterative cycles of mutagenesis occur in one round of the system, allowing for high mutation rate. Selection couples with the system in one chassis.

Sequence specificity, host adaptability, high mutation rate and orthogonality

R-Evolution mutates only the target sequence, greatly reduces false-positive rate, uses orthogonal parts that functions independent of host’s environment, enables simultaneous scanning process in different hosts, goes through iterative rounds of mutagenesis with high efficiency, and couples mutagenesis with downstream operations.

Highlights of our project