Software Tools

To help the iGEM community, and synthetic biology communit as a whole, iGEM Calgarybuilt two software tools for the iGEM competition. One to optimize BioBricks for synthesis, and the other to help develop genetic algorithms.

BOTs was shown to be compatible with synthesis checking software such as IDT Gene Fragment Synthesis, can be easily used with its website to optimize BioBricks.

iGAM is built within an R package, iGAM is flexible enough to allow teams to build their own genetic algorithms, iGAM is a toolbox.

Software in Modelling

Not only creating software tools for the iGEM community, we developed multiple algorithms to help us understand our systems to both save time and optimize the processes. Notably we developed a machine-learning algorithm to help us understand emulsions , a core component of our project.

Software to Help an Industry

Furthermore, our team's devotion to helping the canola industry led us to develop a computer vision algorithm to help standardize canola seed grading.

We also developed a long-term weather forecasting system using machine-learning.