Medal Requirements



  • Registration and Giant Jamboree Attendance
  • iGEM Calgary has registered for the Giant Jamboree and will be sending all 14 team members to the Giant Jamboree in Boston

  • Competition Deliverables
  • Our team has completed a wiki, designed a poster, created a presentation, and completed the judging form.

  • Attributions
  • Our team has created an attributions page outlining our accomplishments and the guidance we have received from others.

  • Project Inspiration and Description
  • Our team has created a Project Inspiration and Description page outlining our motivations behind choosing our project.

  • Characterization
  • Our team has contributed to the characterization of BBa_K1467200 and BBa_K1467400 and created a Characterization page to describe these contributions.



  • Validation
  • Our team has designed and validated BBa_K3114006 and created a Validation page to outline this contribution.

  • Collaborations
  • Our team has collaborated with UAlberta, ULethbridge, LethbridgeHS, UWaterloo, KCL, CU iGEM, iGEM Rain, and Concordia-Montreal, Queen's, Duesseldorf, Connecticut, UOttawa through the course of our project. We have created a Collaborations page to outline these collaborations.

  • Human Practices
  • At every step of our project, our team engaged with the public and stakeholders in order to inform our project direction. Check out our Human Practices page to learn more.



  • Integrated Human Practices
  • Interacting with various stakeholders allowed us to shape and modify our project to meet their needs. We have created a Integrated Human Practices page to document our journey.

  • Improve a previous part
  • We have improved BBa_K1467400, and have created a Improved Part page to outline this contribution.

  • Model
  • Our extensively used modelling in the design of our proteins and our emulsion system. We have created a Modelling page to document these models and how they have influenced our project design.

  • Demonstration of our work
  • We have demonstrated that the technology behind our project is functional, and have created a Demonstrate page to summarize these accomplishments.