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The 3rd Nanjing iGEM Regional Meetup

iGEM Nanjing Regional Meetup is a synthetic biology conferences for all iGEM teams in east China,an area with the largest economic scale and the largest permanent population in this country. With its rapid development, nowadays iGEM Nanjing Regional Meetup has grown into a mature medium for pioneer to pass on synthetic biology spirit to the new iGEMers. This year, we were proudly to be the host of iGEM Nanjing Regional Meetup. The whole team contributed a lot to the Meetup.
On May 18th, our team had held the 3rd iGEM Nanjing Regional Meetup in China Pharmaceutical University. The meetup was attended by 13 iGEM teams to conduct extensive academic exchanges on research topics in the field of synthetic biology. We were honored to invite iGEM Asian ambassador, Dorothy, and senior-iGEMer, CEO of Bluepha CO.,LTD, Haoqian Zhang to attend our meetup and deliver interesting lectures about the development of synthetic biology. We provided an opportunity for the participating teams to discuss and fully express their personal views in order to improve together, meanwhile every team got feedbacks from honoured guests about their project. After the meetup, we proudly discovered that the progress of many teams’ projects actually started from here.
During this conference, we received a lot of feedbacks which has led to unexpected improvements of our project. We also received some notes on experimental techniques, human practice and wiki buliding. We also made connections with a lot of other teams and had deep friendship with them.
Two months of preparation, multi-parts attendance, all day of synthetic biology party. Our team received numerous of appreciation from other teams’ wikis and Social media. It is no doubt that the 3rd iGEM Nanjing Regional Meetup became a surely vital part for this 13 iGEM teams of our 2019 iGEM journey and a perfect place for all teams in east China to build collaboration and improve project.