iGEM CMUQ 2019

iGEM 2019 CMUQ


iGEM Team Tübingen

We were mentored by iGEM Team Tubingen on how to model experimentally determined fluorescence values. They advised us to use machine learning on an integrated database of labeled DNA, as well as to consider DNA lengths for consistency and meaningful extrapolation of fluorescent value, which inspired us to develop software to aid us in diagnostic purposes.

iGEM Team Virginia

We assisted Virginia iGEM Team by providing survey results on the sustainability initiatives by labs in Qatar; especially with regards to the use and recycling of Styrofoam boxes.

iGEM Team Lund

We organized a campus wide debate with questions that were provided by Team Lund. The results of the debate were then shared with Team Lund and aided them on gaining insight on the opinions of a uniquely diverse community.

iGEM Team Marburg

We’re very appreciative of Team Marburg’s efforts in providing a common platform for many iGEM teams to come together, learn, and discuss the “Golden Gate Assembly” technique. While we did not use the technique in our project this year, we are considering using it in the upcoming years.

To check the summary of the Webinar, you can find it here.

iGEM Team TU Dresden

We responded to Team TU Dresden’s collaboration post on assistance with creating a video on “How to iGEM”. We were able to take part on discussion and shared our insights in order to help facilitate the journey for future iGEM Teams. We were specifically interested in the “How to Wiki” part of the collaboration as our software team was facing some challenges in manipulating the wiki to upload the needed files and navigate through the pages. Thanks to the collaboration, our software team managed to design a CSS framework from scratch that aligns with iGEM's default styling.