How to manage
limited resources?

Resources are limited. In the field of microbial fermentation industry, resources are mainly utilized by engineering bacteria to grow or produce fine chemicals. The resources that bacteria use for growth are indispensable, but the more resources are used for cell-growth, the less resources are used for product-synthesis by engineering microbial cells.

Let nature take its course,
but it's not efficient enough.

Control the nature,
but it's not economical enough.

The conventional fermentation method is that let the engineering bacteria grow and produce at the same time. But this production mode is not efficient, because production will bring growth pressure to cells. People have also tried to use inducers to control the cell-growth and product-synthesis of microbial cells. But the cost of inducer is too expensive and not economical.

Give E. coli the wisdom of resource management, and how we do it?

We want E. coli to have the wisdom to regulate resources and independently choose the time of growth or production. Do you want to know how we do it? Please click our Description for details.