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We intended to immobilized the mutated Carbonic Anhydrase (CAⅡ) estabilied last year on support with amino groups to further improve its application in CO2 capture. Specifically, site-specific immobilization method was realized via protein labeling.


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In recent years, the application of carbonic anhydrase in CO2 capture has attracted widespread attention and has become an efficient and environment friendly strategy.

Carbon Dioxide

As a gas, it is made up of three atoms and one of the main components of Green house Effect.It comes from a wide range of sources,such as the daily breath of people, the combustion of all kinds of fuel.

Carbonic Anhydrase

As an enzyme, it can absorbed the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and often used in the transport of CO2 in the human body. When the Zn2+ abstracts a proton from a surrounding water molecule, creating a hydroxide ion that is negatively charged.

Formylglycine-generating enzymes

Formylglycine-generating enzymes (FGE) can selectively recognize and oxidize cysteine residues within the sulfatase sub motif at the terminus of proteins to form aldehyde-bearing formylglycine residues.The aldehyde tag can combine with support for enzyme immobilization.


We have achieved immobilization of the mutant carbonic anhydrase 2, and the function analysis showed that the immobilized enzyme presented thermal stability and potential reuse ability for CO2 capture.