Connect with the iGEM Community

Meet and Collaborate

To help iGEMers connect with each other around the world, we have created specific Meetups and Collaborations pages, for teams to get in contact with each other about these topics

We also have a Community Bulletin page where iGEMers can submit general community posts about goings-on around the world, and other topics for everyone to see.

Connect on Social Media

Connect with iGEM HQ and your fellow teams on social media! Join the conversation: use hashtags #iGEM2019 on Twitter and Instagram, or join our iGEMers Facebook group!

Do you know of another social media App or website that iGEM should be using? Please let us know! @iGEM or by email hq AT igem DOT org

Stay Up to Date

All of the major announcements for the Competition will be posted to the 2019 Main Page, and sent out through competition newsletters.

See the newsletter archive, and subscribe to newsletters below:

To stay up to date, add the 2019 Main Page to your bookmarks, and visit it frequently for news items. If you're not receiving our emails, check that info AT igem DOT org and hq AT igem DOT org are on your safe senders list.


One of the most common requests we receive from teams is the ability to easily contact other teams, which usually means people requesting email addresses. This is a challenging request for us since we respect the privacy of our registered iGEM account users and thus don't give out personal information, including email addresses.

Contact HQ

We love hearing from iGEM teams and other members of our community! Please note: Our normal business hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST.

You can email us at:

hq AT igem DOT org

You can call us at:


Our Mailing Address:

27 Drydock Avenue
2nd Floor East
Suite 27E-230
Boston, MA 02210

You can also email individual members of the iGEM Staff with specific questions:

Abigail Sison

Laboratory Technician
Email: abigail AT igem DOT org

Fun Fact: I was an iGEMer in 2014, and now I'm the lab technician at iGEM HQ!
Contact Me: I can help you with questions about part requests.
Hobbies: Knitting, drawing, and pipetting

Ana Sifuentes

Visual Designer and Ambassador to Latin America
Email: ana AT igem DOT org

Fun Fact: My major is Digital Art and Animation.
Contact Me: If you have any questions about design or human practices, I am happy to chat!
Hobbies: Cycling, sketching, and cooking

Kitwa Ng

Assistant Director of Operations
Email: kitwa AT igem DOT org

Fun Fact: I love food. All food, any food. Learning to tolerate (slightly) spicy food.
Contact Me: I'm happy to help with questions related to team registration, Jamboree registration, administration, and logistics.
Hobbies: Eating, baking, and cooking

Traci Haddock-Angelli

Director of the Competition
Email: traci AT igem DOT org

Fun Fact: I have a doctorate in marine microbiology and have been at sea for research for over 70 days.
Contact Me: I can help you with judging questions, wet lab troubleshooting, and experimental design.
Hobbies: Reading, traveling, and photography

Vinoo Selvarajah

Director of the Registry
Email: vinoo AT igem DOT org

Fun Fact: Birds are dinosaurs.
Contact Me: With questions about the Registry and parts.
Hobbies: Drawing, eating, and wearing flannel

Please feel free to also use this form to contact us.

Social News Archive

iGEM HQ 🗺 Find your fellow teams on the #iGEM2019 team map! 🌎🌍🌏 ✈️ If you’re traveling from overseas for the #GiantJamboree, you’ll want to apply early for travel visas.
Instagram: May 16, 2019

iGEM HQ #WelcomeToiGEM ❤️🧡💛💚💙 #Repost @igem_stuttgart #iGEM2019
Instagram: May 6, 2019

iGEM HQ 🎉 Happy Opening Day! 🎈 On this day, many of the main forms you’ll need for #iGEM2019 will open. Visit the competition website to learn more!
Instagram: May 1, 2019

iGEM HQ Wondering what’s inside the kit? Go to to find the 2019 Distribution Handbook #WelcomeToiGEM #Repost @igem_darmstadt #iGEM2019
Instagram: April 19, 2019

iGEM HQ Our kits are making their way around the world! First stops are in Europe... which region will be next? 🧐📦 #WelcomeToiGEM #Repost @igem_geneva2019 #iGEM2019
Instagram: April 18, 2019

iGEM HQ Distribution kits are shipping out!! 💚💚💚 Tag your pics #WelcomeToiGEM to be featured! #Repost @igem.sdu #iGEM2019
Instagram: April 16, 2019

iGEM HQ Behind the scenes: We're packing distribution kits this week! #iGEM2019 #iGEMHQ
Instagram: April 5, 2019

iGEM HQ This week we celebrated Vinoo’s 10 year anniversary at iGEM Headquarters.
Vinoo was hired back in 2009 when iGEM was still in MIT. From wrangling robots into creating thousands of DNA distribution kits for the past decade, to now directing the Registry of Standard Biological Parts, iGEM would truly not be the same without him. Thank you, Vinoo!
Instagram: March 21, 2019

iGEM HQ We’re having pie for Pi Day AND to celebrate Traci(director of the competition)’s belated birthday! ‬ #iGEM #iGEMHQ
Instagram: March 14, 2019

iGEM HQ Happy International Women's Day from the women of iGEM Headquarters! #iGEM #iGEMHQ
Instagram: March 8, 2019

iGEM HQ So far, 70 teams have applied for #iGEM2019 and have begun their iGEM journey! Will your team be next?
Instagram: March 1, 2019

iGEM HQ New year, new pins! Who's joining us in 2019?? #iGEM2019
Instagram: February 4, 2019