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Starting A Team

Who can be on the team? How many supervisors do we need? Where do I start?? Here are some guidelines to help!

Navigating iGEM

There are several things you need to consider as you start navigating through the iGEM 2019 season.

Funding Basics

Tips and advice on how to request funding and what to consider when making a team budget.

News and Announcements


iGEM HQ New year, new pins! Who's joining us in 2019?? #iGEM2019
Instagram: February 4, 2019


iGEM January Newsletter

Resources for New Teams, and iGEM in the Movies: Happy 2019!
Sent: January 4, 2019

Save the date!

Save the date for the iGEM 2019 Giant Jamboree October 31st to November 4th.

See the results of the 2018 Giant Jamboree or visit to learn more about the iGEM Competition.

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