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Best Open Track Project 2019

OPENLUX is a learning kit for kids in high school that combines engineering, coding, and biology. It is perfect for schools and universities to engage students for only £200.


Build or redesign your own DIY microplate reader following our instructions and buying parts off of Amazon.


Learn coding or code your own UI for your device.


Monitor the growth of baker's yeast or E. coli, check how fertile your soil is, or test how inhibitors prevent mitochondria from producing energy.

Open Source

Build your own.

Pushing the Open Software movement further, we have uploaded all the necessary instructions to GitHub, as well as our wiki.
These can be found on With parts bought from Amazon, anyone can build their own!


Make it your own.

  • Light Source
  • Light Sensor
  • Filter
  • Electronics
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OPENLUX has a single LED as a light source, that can be swapped with an alternative one. The light source sits on top of the plate.

A single photodiode is used as a sensor underneath the plate.

Currently, a 600 nm filter covers the sensor underneath the plate. This can be swapped for any other filter.

An ESP32 microcontroller is used to run everything in the device from movement, to reading values, to displaying results.


Minimal costs. Minimal downtime.

With parts ordered from Amazon, once done once, replacing parts becomes easy!

Intuitive Software

  • Start/Stop
  • Select Wells
  • Clear Selection
  • Download Data


Any place. Any time.

Whether you are watching Netflix at home or on holiday with your family, you can access and control OPENLUX from anywhere. Make sure you never escape work!


It does matter.

OPENLUX for High Schools

OPENLUX for Universities

OPENLUX for Labs