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Solve the harm caused by cyanobacteria


  • Liang Ke is a bachelor of Tianjin University. She has devoted herself to providing a reasonable extracurricular program of advice for students in the field of international education. In 2019, she was the head of the entire iGEM team. She was responsible for the overall project progress and progress control.
    Liang Ke
  • My name is Shiyuan Li (李诗渊). I graduated from Chinese Academy of Science, majoring in microbiology. During my PhD, I mainly studied the heterologous biosynthesis of natural products and CRISPR related applications; I have published nearly 20 research papers. I love synthetic biology, as well as education and art. I assisted in the discussion and guidance of design projects, helped contact the water plant for survey, and revised the contents of the wiki.
    ShiYuan Li
  • I’m Lingting Li, a PhD candidate of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai institute of plant physiology and ecology. Now I’m in New York University Medical Center as a visiting student. My major is microbiology and biochemistry. I have published some articles in Nature communications, Nucleic Acids Research and so on. As the supervisor of wet group, my main responsibility is to design project and supervise wet team to do experiment in lab. It’s my pleasure to meet and teach these active-minded students. They’re well-educated in biological theory, so they can learn experimental operations and do experiments efficiently in lab. They often come up with their own ideas in experiments. As a result, we successfully purified the membrane protein MlrA, measured its enzyme activity in digesting Microsystin-LR of cyanobacteria. At the same time, the days spent with these lovely guys were unforgettable, I hope that they can get good grades in iGEM 2019.
    LingTing Li
  • Hi, my name is Jing Sun and I am the student advisor for the wet lab. I am currently an undergraduate student in Biological Sciences from Cornell University. I decided to become a student advisor because I was fascinated by the idea of the project of this team and was willing to help the team members to reach their goal using my knowledge and experience in biological research. As the student advisor, I assisted the instructor to design various experiments and taught our team members the basic lab skills and techniques in protein purification and molecular cloning. I also guided the team members in writing daily lab report and summarizing procedures and experimental results. I truly enjoyed every moment that I spent in the lab with all of the team members and have obtained valuable and meaningful experience from the iGEM project.
    Jing Sun
  • Eva Yao is currently pursuing her master’s degree at Columbia University. This summer, she joined our Team Cyanobarrier and served as the instructor of the dry group.
    Eva Yao

Team Members

  • Hi,I am Louis Tian from Shanghai Qibaodwight High School, China. I am very honored to participate in this iGEM competition and become a member of the cadre. Since I’m currently interested in biochemical and economics, I attend this iGEM competition because I believe it would be a great opportunity for me to gain knowledge and to see the top technologies and ideas from those fields. While preparing for the competition, I was mainly responsible for interviewing, writing and summarizing. I was primarily responsible for writing the part of the social context during the production of the wiki. I am really glad to participate in this competition to bring me changes, and I am willing to continue to communicate and learn with my partners.
    Louis Tian
  • I’m Siyu(Jerry) Yao, currently a sophomore from Shanghai Pinghe School. As the dry Group leader, my extensive work includes leading the team to plan and to conduct human practice for our project and overseeing the progress with effort on transforming the project into application. I am also in charge of the team promotion on Wechat platform, which requires me to edit articles every day, and to try my best attempting to increase the public attention of the team. At first I joined this competition due to my interest in the field of synthetic biology, and was excited to make something that might benefit millions or even billions of people. During the whole process, I learned how to do tasks like fundraising and interviews. I also develop the skills to allocate tasks to teammates based on their different characteristics. In general, I think my experience participating in the iGEM contest is very impressive and memorable.
    Siyu(Jerry) Yao
  • I'm Yanyun(Coco)Chen. I am a high school student in Nanwai King's College(NKCS). I am mainly responsible for Wikipedia's science popularization and summary, visits and interviews (especially waterworks) activities planning, as well as collecting interview questions. I love the whole team of iGEM very much. I have gained a lot from my experience in both dry and wet teams. Through this activity, I became more interested in science, and I also realized that I am good at social science activities as well, which roughly determined my future direction of development.
  • I’m Moran(Raymond) Guo, a high school student in Qingdao NO.1 Middle School. It is my honor to participate in the iGEM competition and become a member of the Cyanobarrier team. As a member of Wet Lab, I was mainly responsible for carrying out the experiment smoothly under the guidance of our teacher. Besides, after the experiment, I also needed to finish the lab report. I love the whole team of Cyanobarrier very much. Through this activity, I gained a lot of knowledge about biology, which I believe is very helpful because biology is the major that I want to study in the future. In conclusion, I really consider this experience participating in the iGEM competition is both unforgettable and valuable.
    MoRan Guo
  • I’m Tom (YongZhao) Wu from Dulwich international high school Suzhou. As a member of Wet Team, I helped carry out the experiments for processing the MlrA gene and testing of the biological degradability of the gene on Microcystin-LR. At many times when Dry & Wet teams work together like advocating in the local hospital and found raising in front of the public, I get involved as a promoter of the project. Participating iGem gave me an unforgettable experience in company with lots of studious and skilled people. I gained knowledge on science, learnt a blot about social practice. As a team, we cooperated to reach further in the field of synthetic biology, tried to solve the water bloom problem and expected the best of human future!
    YongZhao Wu
  • I am Pinyi (Sally) Li, currently a grade 11 student from Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School. Although nominally I am a member of wet group, I have participated in some of the tasks for dry group. During my time in dry group, mainly my work is to organize the information we gained from different interviews and collect materials needed for work. When I was in wet group, I did experiments together with other group members and wrote the demonstrate part of wiki with Siyi, Zhou. I felt really excited when I heard the news that we managed to degrade microcystin. IGEM gives me an opportunity to experience the lab life, making me realize that there is much more uncertainty in doing experiments than I used to think. It’s a precious time for me to attend this competition in this summer.
    PinYi Li
  • I’m Anqi (Carol) Wu, currently a junior from Albany Academies for Girls. As a member of the team, I participated in the lab experiment and part of the wiki writing. Through the experiment, I learnt a lot about protein purification, PCR, and protein expression testing. I also gained more knowledge about our target protein, MlrA, which is an enzyme that can biologically degrade cyanotoxin. I also enjoyed working with all the group members and sharing different opinions about this project. Overall, IGEM Competition helps me to gain a better insight into the biomedical field.
    AnQi Wu
  • I am YiLing (Elaine) Sun, a junior at Sheboygan North High School in Wisconsin. I am involved in many extracurricular activities within my school and the community. Currently, I am the President of HOSA, an officer for Science Olympiad, and apart of varsity swim, varsity track, debate, Forensics and Blue Crew at my school. For IGEM this year, I served as the main team leader for both the wet and dry group. As a leader, I always guide my teammates through tasks and encourage everyone to perform to the best of their ability. Ensuring successful collaboration and communication was also a crucial part of my job. In addition, I am responsible for the overall progress of our project and the completion of our end goal. IGEM provided me with the opportunity to explore the field of biology and social practices. My passion lies in science and I aspire to major in biology in the future. I am extremely grateful for this amazing opportunity and will forever treasure this experience.
    YiLing Sun
  • My name is Jun Feng Zhu, a 12th grade Chinese Canadian of the school Shanghai High School International Division. During my 11th grade, I have taken five AP courses, and I would be taking another two in twelfth grade. My major hobbies are playing piano, watching movies, and playing Nintendo games. My favorite desired major is Biology, and I am really good at doing research and writing research papers. I have attended several bio research programs, and received high comments from the professors in all of them. In the team of Cyanobarrier, the role I played is the mastermind in our team. I am always the most active one to participate in research and have came up with a bunch of creative ideas. I am pretty sure that my rich professional background knowledge can help our team to attain a much higher goal.
    JunFeng Zhu
  • I am Siyi (Jolin) Zhou, a Junior from Greensboro Day School in Greensboro, North Carolina. I serve as team leader for the experiment team, which we call the wet team, opposed to the dry team that focuses on promoting our project to our local community. With the hard work of our team members and helps from our instructors, we have successfully translated and purified the ML-RA protein, which could be used to degrade microcytic-LR in water. As the team leader, I cooperate with team members to convey researches, to understand the originally obscure materials, to conduct experiments, and to organize wikis. With my skills on photoshop and drawing, I also carried out the designing of the logo, brochure, banner, and webpage. I am very interested in genetic engineering and plan to take it as my major in college. Participating in the IGEM competition is my first experience working in a professional laboratory. It is a huge pleasure working with my teammates this summer, who are always passionate, friendly, and making sure everyone has opportunities to participate.
    Siyi Zhou
  • Hi, I’m Bocheng (Tony) Chen from Honor North American Education. As a member of dry group, my jobs include reading papers, collecting information and generating articles that we publish on our official WeChat account. I was also responsible for the knowledge contest during fundraising as well as some part of interviews. I feel glad to meet all partners from the whole group. I also find that the group can be so powerful if everyone supports each other. For me, IGEM is an extremely fantastic project that inspires me to get involved in both business studies and science field. All in all, it’s an unforgettable experience for me.
    Bocheng (Tony) Chen
  • Hi. I’m Chanel Hu from Qingdao No.1 International school China. As a member of Wet group, I participated in most experiments, recorded the lab reports, undertook tasks on writing wiki and promoted our activity actively. It is my honor to join this unitive and collaborative team, because I learnt a lot from it. For instance, I started to know people who are professional in this medical field and also try to get familiar with what I want to do in the future. Of course, I not only learnt much professional knowledge from preparing this competition, but also gradually learnt how to cooperate with others. Our team members are very amicable and our tutors are very patient. Lastly, I know that although we haven’t experienced from a long time, I am still grateful for the wonderful time we have spent together and what you have taught me. Plus, I also look forward to having more opportunities for cooperation in the future.
    Chanel Hu
  • Zijian Han is a student who comes from Pegasus California School and he is a member of the Wet Group.
    Zijian Han
  • Yuanjie Gao is also comes from Pegasus California School and she is a member of the Wet Group.
    Yuanjie Gao
  • I'm Yuting(Tina)Yan. I am a high school student in Shanghai Weiyu International School. I participated in wiki writing, interviewing, editing interview short films and purchasing materials. I am very happy to join this friendly and harmonious iGem team. Our team communication is deep enough and members are willing to open their hearts and express their views. When dealing with many problems, we can all resonate and reach a consensus.
    Yuting (Tina) Yan