Summon the struvite

Bio-recycling phosphorus and nitrogen
from waste water to make fertilizer.

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"Our team Nanjing-China is trying to figure out an innovative way to process the sewage and therefore generate energy for the growth of crops. We develops a simple solo medium-copy plasmid-based polyphosphate kinase (PPK1) overexpression strategy for achieving maximum intracellular polyphosphate accumulation by environmental bacteria. In the inorganic experiments, we will find the suitable concentration of phosphate radical and ammonium, pH, and mole ratio of ions involved in the synthetic reaction of struvite. In the engineering experiments, we will design an integrated waste water processing device, which can remove phosphorus from sewage, and utilize the engineered bacteria to release phosphorus in other areas to produce precipitate with ammonium. In agricultural experiments, we will use our products as fertilizers, and compare them with chemical fertilizers."

What we have done in Lab?

• How we designed the experiments?Click here to see.

• See our experiments. See our experiments now!

• We also designed a device. If you have interest,click here to have a look.

• Know more about the protocols. Click here.

What we have done out of lab?

• To better illustrate our project, we designed several models to stimulate different conditions. To see our model.

• We organized Human Practices in three different cities of China. Each of them has relations with our project. What we have experienced and gained?


We conducted the experiments from different dimensions, thus drawing abundant results, including device, plants, graphics and so on.

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How our device works?