The Create team built and measured the performance of 9 composite parts. All the parts are listed on the Parts page. We completed a detailed characterization of the PgrpE Test Device (BBa_K2832009). The PgrpE Test Device contains the grpE promoter. We measured the promoter's response to sound stimuli in E. coli. The 2019 FSU iGEM team selected 4 of the composite parts for evaluation by the iGEM judges. The parts are the Cecropin B Generator (BBa_K3172009), Apidaecin 1B Generator (BBa_K3172010), Vejovine Generator (BBa_K3172012), and Cecropin AB Generator (BBa_K3172014). The four devices are antimicrobial peptide (AMP) generators. A summary of the methods used to measure the AMP generators and the PgrpE Test Device is provided for each part in the Parts Registry. The results of the measurements are also provided in the Parts Registry.

On this page, we are providing a document in Portable Document Format (PDF) with all the protocols used to measure the performance of the AMP generators and the PgrpE Test Device. Click here to view the document.