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We cannot express enough thanks to everyone who helped and guided us through this strenuous iGEM journey. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve such progress without all of you. Thank you for your helpful guidance and endless support!

Our iGEM team is kindly hosted in Biotechlab7 at the Faculty of Science in Cairo University, thanks to the Faculty Dean, Prof Dr Abdel-Hamid Wagdy El Manawi, Prof Dr Maimona Kord and Prof Dr Khadiga Gafaar for supplying all the required lab facilities and supplies, paying the registration fees, attendance fees, providing lab supplies and facilitating their receival.

We would like to express our deep and sincere gratitude to the professors and researchers who provided invaluable guidance throughout this project, Dr Mahmoud Saleh, Dr Mohamed Gamal, Dr Ahmed Osman, Dr Mohamed Nagiub, Dr Wael Al-menofy, Dr Haytham Mohammed, Dr Hossam Shawqi, Dr Dalia Abozaid, Dr Mostafa Abo El-fadl, Dr Amera Samy, Dr Nahla Mansour, Dr Reda Salem, Dr Fateen Nour Al-Deen, Dr Mohamed Nour, Dr Emad El- Zayat, Dr Ahmed Fouad, and Dr Rehab Hafez. Also Ms Aya Ali, Ms Hager khaled, Ms Hamiss Ali, Ms Dina Amr, Ms Amany Elsayed, Ms Nourhan Mostafa, Ms Sara hamdy, Mr Sayed Mohamed, Dr Emtithal Mohamed. Special thanks to Dr Salwa Sabet a previous iGEM instructor for 2015 Egyptian team. We asked her about the iGEM experience and she gave many valuable pieces of advice and showed great support.

Furthermore, we would also like to acknowledge with much appreciation the crucial role of Dr. May El-Batran, the member of the Egyptian parliament. She helped us by contacting several heads in our country to facilitate the release of the Opentrons (OT-2) robot, she also contacted defense minister to give the permission for boys in our team to travel to the competition during their military service. And of course, Dr. Bassam El-Shammaa, a researcher in Egyptology and senior tour guide who graciously contacted several directors, journalists and broadcasters so that we could reach the media to make people know about our team, competition and our project. We managed to make several interviews with TV programs, Newspapers and Radio Stations as a result of his endeavors.

Thanks to everyone who has been a part of this team, helped with the baby steps, building the team, understanding Synthetic Biology and iGEM and funding the team. Thanks to Amal Magdy, Sheren Mamdouh, Hend Mubarak, Youmna Mohamed, Hadeer Osama, Ghada Alsenossy, Habiba Mohamed, Mohamed Abdel Raouf, Salma El-Mohtady, Safaa Omar, Sarah Soliman.

The completion of this project could not have been accomplished without the support of our friends and classmates, Tadros Magdy, Mahmoud Khaled, Ayman Abd Alrazek, Ahmed Karam, Mariam Mostafa, Noha Hamdy, and Fatema Al-zahraa.

A special thanks goes to Nouran Ezz El-Arab and Yara Mohamed who illustrated the drawings needed for our wiki and science sketches. And Fady Fadl for designing and editing the wiki photos and graphics. Last but not least, many thanks go to Lobna Khaled and Hadeer Osama for providing much assistance in photography, video editing and others.

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