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Making Sterilization + Dispensing Fast and Portable

Currently, in the world people wait for around 210 hours per year, waiting for their media to get sterilized. Requiring to wait for approx 2 hours per batch of media (From preparing to wrap the requirements to unloading material).

According to UNESCO, the scientific research field harbors around 7.8 million life-science researchers in the world as per 2013. 90% of these have to go home after setting up the autoclave and carry out their experiment the next day. 78% of these very life-science researchers lose motivation to carry out their projects due to the taxing waiting intervals.

No alternative techniques have been implemented else than steam sterilization for media. As people started to live with the traditional technique.

But as a research team, it’s always important to improvise every basic need of a dedicated researcher. Let it be the primary step of media preparation only. So as a part of the iGEM project, we have taken up this topic to develop a portable sterilization system, the ‘STERIPORT’.

So our solution to this is Steriport a better way to sterilization system that can sterilize media within 10 mins and can be effortlessly carried by the operator. This system involves a hassle-free working process, involving sterilization of media and then after automated dispensing mechanism. This implies the use of components like heat, U.V., and HEPA filters, with also implementing BioBrick parts to sterilize the desired media.








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