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Beijing No. 4 High School

The six members of our team are from this school. This school provides us with experimental venues, iGEM volunteers, and activities related to human practices.

Beijing National Day School

The four members of our team are from this school. This school provides us with experimental venues, iGEM volunteers, and activities related to human practices.


The company provided us with a laboratory site and some guidance on related laboratory operations. We also had in-depth discussions with the company's CEO and R&D staff and cooperation with human practices.

GSL Biotech LLC

The company provided us with snapgene's gene editing software, which greatly facilitated our design and wetlab experiments.

Beijing Yanjing Brewery

The company allows us to enter the company for in-depth field trips and project discussions. The company's managers and researchers helped us gain insight into the current state of microbial plants and made a significant contribution to our human practices.


SHSBNU 北师大二附

In part of our project, we try to use a low copy number plasmid with GFP,pSB4K5-sfGFP, to test the problem of leakage in our early stage. Luckily, this plasmid also play a massive role in the project of the team, SHSBNU.

One day, the team leader of SHSBNU asked Mingyang Xu, the team leader, whether we have a low-copy plasmid with GFP because they failed to make their one. Yang checked the list of our plasmid, and the one we used for the leakage test is the need of their team. We shared our plasmid with him. Our plasmid became the foundation of their project’s foundation and enabled them to finished their project. We also borrowed them our free transcription gene segments donated by the Genescript.

Both of our team receive the support of lab field and equipment from Bluepha Co. Ltd., and we are neighbors in the lab in PKUCare Industrial Park. Therefore, we sometimes shared the same equipment such as PCR instruments, nanodrop, centrifuges, etc. We always cross check the usage of the equipment since we sometime will have some fundamental mistakes when doing lab.

RDFZ 人大附中

In part of our project, we used the plasmid, pSB4K5, to test the problem of the leakage. One day, the team leader of RDFZ asked Mingyang Xu, the team leader, whether we have the plasmid in the family of pSB, and I found our pSB4K5. Their plasmid had many mutations after sequencing, and they realized solving all the mutation would consume many resources. Therefore, We gave our Psb4k5 to them. Fortunately, our plasmid successfully performed their task. Besides, we shared our designs and discussed the possible ways for future improvements.


During the trip of our team leader, Mingyang Xu, to America, he visited the campus of New York University and had the chance to talked with the iGEM team of NYU. They had an excellent talk about their project, their human practicess, and their differences caused by different culture background. They shared their advice on each project. The iGEM team of NYU wanted to share their design of bioreactor to us after hearing the hardware problem we faced. We also gave them suggestions about the product for the use of Gibson assembly.


While we are coding our iGEM wiki, we face various problem. We discuss with the iGEMer from the QHFZ-CHINA. We shared our terrible experience and mistakes of wiki and they gave us some tips.

Besides, we shared our project and design and discussed our preparation to the American Jamboree. They did the same things. We had a lunch together and prepared to visit each lab in the future.


Recombinase plays a very important role in our circuit design. However, after searching and verifying our laboratory inventory, we found that our recombinant enzymes have low inversion efficiency, strong leakage, and low concentration. We contacted the GENAS_China team through iGEM's China online exchange group. After communication, we learned that they have efficient recombinases available, such as INT5, INT7, etc. They sent us recombinant enzymes from Shenzhen to solve our need for recombinant enzymes.

At the same time, we made some useful suggestions on their Human practices and lab. These recommendations have played an important role in their future implementation.


We had some commons in our projects this year, wanting to cause bacteria suicide with the core concept of bistable state, so we had some discussion about our projects and put forward possible plan of collaboration. We also mentor them about how to carry out project better and build up Wiki.

Cornell University

In one of our team members, Xu Mingyang, during the summer vacation to visit Cornell University, I was lucky to see Charles Dai, the captain of the iGEM team at Cornell University. They exchanged experimental ideas, designs, and experiences with each other. The design of their promoters for the 2018 iGEM project was very helpful for our initial design. He led me to visit their lab and introduced their protocol. Beyond this, we have deepened the friendship between schools.