Judging Hub

Judging during iGEM focuses on evaluating team projects and presentations, while providing constructive and positive feedback to the teams.

Please email us at judging AT igem DOT org with any questions about this information.

Information for Judges

The role of an iGEM judge goes beyond simply evaluating teams. We have always sought to identify areas of excellence that can be celebrated with our specific awards. But we ask that each judge also consider how their role can be used to elevate the iGEM experience all teams, not just the few that will receive awards. It is an integral part of iGEM's success and we hope you consider joining our voluntary judging team!

2019 Judge Applications - Closed

Thank you to everyone who applied to be a judge this year! Our judge applications are now closed.

Updated: 2019 Judging Handbook

We provide a Judging Handbook for both judges and teams to review during the iGEM season. This handbook allows everyone involved in the competition to see how judging works in iGEM. Click below to download a PDF of the 2019 Judging Handbook!

Information for Teams

Every team member should read through the information provided below. Each team member should read through everything on this page and on the detail pages prior to starting work on their iGEM project.

Judging Forms

Teams must fill out a Judging Form prior to the Giant Jamboree. For details about how to fill out your judging form, click below.

2019 Rubric

Judges will use a rubric to evaluate your team. For details about the questions asked on the rubric, click below.

Pages for Awards

Teams are required to use specific URLs in their wiki in order to be eligible for specific awards. For a complete list of required award pages, click below.


All teams can earn a medal. Teams can only win one medal in a given iGEM year. Teams must nominate themselves using the Judging Form. For more details about the 2019 medal criteria, click below.


Teams can compete for various awards on top of the medals. These awards include the Grand Prize, Track Awards, and Special Prizes. For more details about the 2019 award criteria, click below.