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Human Practices Committee

On this page you will find information on: contacting the committee, the executive committee, the committee, and the committee alumni.

Contact the Committee

We know it’s not always easy to navigate the human practices issues that emerge as you’re working on your iGEM project. The Human Practices Committee is here to help!


Contact the committee at!

You can ask us questions like:

  • Does a particular aspect of my team’s project count more as public engagement or as integrated human practices?
  • Can you recommend any points of contact to ask about synthetic biology policy in my country?
  • What is the iGEM protocol around conducting interviews with stakeholders?

We’re happy to clarify medal criteria, help you to plan engagement with people outside of your team, and otherwise assist with your human practices work. You might also want to read through the FAQ on the What Is Human Practices? Page.

Members of the 2017 iGEM Human Practices Committee at the Giant Jamboree.

Human Practices Executive Committee

The Human Practices Executive Committee members works directly with the iGEM foundation to develop its human practices efforts including providing guidance on judging criteria, information and resources

Pieter van Boheemen

Researcher, Rathenau Instituut

Human Practices Committee

Our Human Practices Committee members provide additional guidance and have agreed to be contacted by teams seeking assistance on specific elements of their human practices work.

Want to join the committee?

Contact executivehp@igem.orgfor more information!

Hassnain Qasim Bokhari

Ambassador, iGEM Foundation

Ellen Dias Jorgensen

President, Biotech without Borders; Scientific Director, Brooklyn Bio; Adjunct Faculty, The Cooper Union

Matthew Sample

Postdoctoral Researcher, Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal;