Competition/Deliverables/Project Inspiration


8. Project Inspiration and Description

The Project Inspiration and Description is a new Bronze Medal Requirement for 2019. Teams have always been asked to provide a Project Description in the past and now it will be included as an evaluation criterion for teams aiming for a bronze, silver, or gold medal. This description serves to provide some background on what your team has been working on and what you hope to accomplish. It should also include the inspiration for your project and why your team chose this project.

On your Project Description page, document how and why you chose your iGEM project, and in a few sentences describe how you will achieve your goal(s). Refer to work outside or inside of iGEM that inspired your project, how you selected your project goal(s), and why you thought your project was a useful application of synthetic biology.

Two Deadlines Associated with Project Inspiration and Description

Draft Due By Date: June 28, 2019

This draft should be posted to your Project Description page (, where you replace Example2 with your team name) by this date. This provides other teams the opportunity to see what you're working on so they can reach out for collaborations or troubleshooting if they are exploring a similar topic.

Final Version Due By Date: October 21, 11:59PM EDT

The final version must be updated by the Wiki Freeze deadline.

What should your team include?

  • A clear and concise description of your project.
  • A detailed explanation of why your team chose to work on this particular project. What inspired your team this year?
  • References and sources to document your research. This can include previous iGEM projects, literature citations, and any other source of inspiration you had for your project.
  • Use illustrations and other visual resources to explain your project.