Sharing and collaboration are core values of iGEM. We encourage you to reach out and work with other teams on difficult problems that you can more easily solve together.

Silver Medal Criterion #2

Document your collaboration(s) clearly on this page to compete for the silver medal criterion #2 on collaboration. Please see the 2019 Medals Page for more information.

Which other teams can we work with?

You can work with any other team in the competition, including standard, software, open, and high school track teams. You can also work with non-iGEM research groups, but they do not count towards the iGEM team collaboration silver medal criterion.

In order to meet the silver medal criteria on helping another team, you must complete this page and detail the nature of your collaboration with another iGEM team.

Here are some suggestions for projects you could work on with other teams:

  • Improve the function of another team's BioBrick Part or Device
  • Characterize another team's part
  • Debug a construct
  • Model or simulate another team's system
  • Test another team's software
  • Help build and test another team's hardware project
  • Mentor a high-school team