iGEM Aachen Team

Meet the Team


Julian Ahl

Julian is the team’s little chap but as he always has something to contribute to a conversation, he sounds like he has already experienced much more than just two semesters of physics. He shares his knowledge in building hardware, programming our wiki and doing modelling.

B. Sc. Physics, 3rd semester

Alina Egger

As one of the team leaders, Alina can mostly be found writing emails and organizing the team, as well as doing human practices. Her other influences were in fundraising, a little bit of lab work and PR, as she is handling the instagram and facebook account. Without Alina the team would totally be lost because it would have missed all deadlines and forgot all important terms. She is a graduate biotechnology student in the 4th semester.

M. Sc. Biotechnology, 4th semester

Gereon Fischer

Gereon is studying biotechnology in his 6th semester. In his free time he enjoys playing guitar and going to concerts. To our team he contributes in doing design and laboratory work, especially regarding biobricks, and he always has an overview of what to do there. (Maybe that’s because he is the tallest guy I have ever seen, but also because he is our BBB – biobrick boss!)

B. Sc. Biotechnology, 6th semester

Henrik Horst

Henrik (without a ‘d’!) is doing hardware, modelling and contributed in helping raising funds for our team. Next to iGEM he likes to play soccer as well as reading and sailing. He is studying electrical engineering in his 6th semester.

B. Sc. Electrical Engineering, 6th semester

Rebekka Horstmann

Rebekka is the cool biker girl of our team. Besides riding her motorcycle and playing in an orchestra, she spends her time doing human practices and laboratory work. It is always funny working and partying with her. She is studying biotechnology in the 4th semester.

B. Sc. Biotechnology, 4th semester

Yasmin Kuhn

Yasmin, studying biotechnology in the 6th semester, is sort of our team’s mother. She always has something funny on her mind but as one of the team leaders can also criticize our team in a very reasonable way. Further to being one of the lab leaders, she takes part in design and had a big impact on fundraising. She also helps organizing the team and presenting the team to experts. Plus, say hello to the person in charge for twitter!

B. Sc. Biotechnology, 6th semester

Jana Schnuch

Jana, a graduate student in her 3th semester of biotechnology, is part of the organizing team members and thanks to her we will have a roof over our heads in Boston! Furthermore she is doing laboratory work and handles some of the IT stuff. She also likes baking and makes a real nice noodle salad!

M. Sc. Biotechnology, 3rd semester

Benjamin “Benny” Skorupa

Benjamin, or just “Benny”, can mostly be found in the lab, but also contributes to human practices and design. He is very friendly and funny and his also dopey and sometimes confused nature always contributes to the team’s entertainment. He is studying biotechnology in the 6th semester.

B. Sc. Biotechnology, 6th semester

Tobias Spiegl

Tobias is one of our graduate students; he is doing his masters in biology in the 4th semester. With his considerable knowledge of molecular biology, he has a great impact on our laboratory work as a lab leader. He is also part of the design team and does not hesitate to present our project to experts. Next to iGEM, he likes to play the violin as well as reading and writing.

M. Sc. Biology, 4th semester


Prof. Dr. Lars Blank

Professor Blank, the head of the institute for applied microbiology (iAMB) at RWTH Aachen, helped us a lot, especially at the beginning, with regard to finding a topic or further defining the topic and planning the work. Also he provided us with space in his laboratory. At repeated meetings we were able to count on his competent opinion. But we were also able to rely on his help with other things, especially in the direction of fundraising, where he helped us out with important contacts. Also in other areas, like Human Practices, he was able to help us by referring to contacts.
At this point once again thank you very much for your help!

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schwaneberg

Prof. Schwaneberg, the head of the institute for biotechnology at RWTH, helped us above all by giving us a place in his laboratory. Not only did we have our own bench and equipment, we were also allowed to use any other supplies such as chemicals, enzymes and laboratory utensils. In addition, he helped us in various meetings to further define our project and put us in touch with his staff, whose expertise helped us a lot. Next to that he also helped a lot with fundraising by reaching out to some of his contacts.
Many thanks to you and your staff for your kind support and patience with us in the lab!

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wiechert

Prof. Wiechert is the head of Systems Biotechnology (IBG-1) at Forschungszentrum Jülich and has helped us in many different areas. In regular meetings, both in Aachen and in Jülich, he helped with the definition of topics and the feasibility of the project. We were also able to apply his expertise to the hardware. In addition to arranging contacts from Jülich, he also helped us a lot with fundraising and travel costs. At the end, he gave us valuable tips on how to present the project and how to present it.
We thank you very much for your generous help in all areas of our project.


Claudia Greiner

Claudia has helped us more than once with her knowledge of laboratory work. Whenever we had problems, we could come to her with it, whether in person during the day or via mobile phone in the evening. She was there for us around the clock and provided us with explanations of our problems as well as possible solutions. In addition to helping in the laboratory, she also supported us at various human practices events and accompanied us to Jülich.
Thank you for being part of our team!

Dr. rer. nat. Shohana Subrin Islam

Shohana has helped us a lot by providing us with E. coli strains carrying specific plasmids. Additionally she gave us tips for expression of our proteins as well as different protocols for that. She always is there if we need her and we can always ask her anything.
Thank you for advising us in this competition!